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Computer software developed and maintained by Nordita

As part of their research, several Nordita scientists develop code, either original software or contributions to common software projects.

The Pencil-Code

A high-order finite-difference code for compressible hydrodynamic flows with magnetic fields.


A global fitting code for generic Beyond the Standard Model theories, designed to allow fast and easy definition of new models, observables, likelihoods, scanners and backends physics codes.


A code for axisymmetric equilibrium configurations of differentially rotating Neutron Stars with toroidal magnetic field.


2D spectral Galerkin method for GPU, implemented in CUDA C. 20x speed up compare to single CPU core.


2D high-order finite difference code for GPU, implemented in CUDA C. 60x speed up compare to codes running on a single CPU core.

15 Sep 2016

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