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The text 'NORDITA', possibly complemented with the subtitle "The Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics", used together with the logotype star should be set in Baskerville Regular, whenever possible. Optionally Times New Roman can be used.


The five colours in the Nordita logotype have been taken from the specifications of the national flags, as follows:

Depending on the colour model used for reproduction, the colours should be approximated by the following values:

  Norway blue Finland blue Iceland red Denmark red Sweden yellow White
PMS PMS 281 PMS 294 PMS 1795 PMS 185 PMS 109
CMYK 100-72-0-32 100-56-0-18.5 0-94-100-0 0-91-76-0 0-10-100-0 0-0-0-0
RGB 10-31-98 9-53-122 255-19-0 252-25-33 255-230-0 255-255-255
Web #0a1f62 #09357a #ff0f00 #fc1921 #ffe600 #ffffff
Grayscale 100.0% 81.5% 66.5% 62.0% 16.9% 0.0%

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