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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) committee at Nordita

The EDI committee at Nordita strongly believe that there is both a moral and scientific incentive for creating an equal, diverse, and inclusive workplace. Our goal is to increase the number of Nordita employees from marginalised groups and to create a positive work environment where everyone feels welcome.

Such a work environment can be achieved by acknowledging and tackling systemic inequalities that affect our community. The EDI committee seeks to be the reference point for everyone at Nordita to raise and address issues regarding ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity and expression, religion and other beliefs, sexual orientation, and age, as defined by the Swedish Discrimination Act.  

Our goals are:

  1. To hold a continuous dialogue with the Nordita board in order to suggest practical and tangible solutions to EDI issues.
  2. To collaborate with the Administration Team and the Director at Nordita to identify concrete and applicable ways to address EDI issues.
  3. To work with the arbetsmiljöombud at Nordita to establish procedures for raising concerns regarding EDI at Nordita.
  4. To assess and monitor the EDI status at Nordita through the collection of data, creation of key metrics and preparation of reports on a regular basis, to be specified.
  5. To connect with other EDI groups in similar communities in order to provide online resources and training opportunities for everyone working in Nordita.
  6. To identify best practices in order to create a more diverse community of people at Nordita.
  7. To create recommendations for embedding EDI values in outwards-facing initiatives, such as the Nordita Scientific Programs and outreach.  

Nordita EDI Committee Members

Niccolò Zagli


WINQ Fellow

Complex Dynamical Networks

Beatriz Villarroel

Nordita Assistant Professor


Cristobal Arratia

Nordita Assistant Professor

Soft Matter Physics

Fabio Costa

WINQ Assistant Professor

Quantum Information Processing

Marie Hjeltman


Robert Jonsson

WINQ Fellow

Quantum Information Processing

Yu Tian

WINQ Fellow

Complex Dynamical Systemss

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