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Nordita Subfield Committees
Terms of reference

Approved by the Nordita Board 24 May 2019

Nordita appoints Subfield Committees whose primary role is to evaluate the fellowship applications.

1. Composition

  • The Committees are appointed by the Board.
  • Each Committee has one representative from each of the Nordic countries. In addition to these national representatives each Nordita Faculty member can sit on one of the Committees. External representatives shall be a majority to the committee.
  • Additional members can be appointed if necessary. The Committees are appointed for a period of three years which normally coincides with the period of the Board. If a Committee member resigns a replacement can be appointed for the remaining part of the term.
  • Each Committee elects a Chairman who should be one of the national representatives. The Chairman coordinates the work of the committee and reports to the Board and the Director as appropriate.
  • The members of the Committees should be chosen so as to ensure an optimal coverage of the subjects of importance to Nordita's activities and strategic plans.
  • Gender and geographic balance should be taken into account in appointing the committees.

2. Role

  • The main task of the Committee members is to advise on the selection of candidates for Fellowships. The decision in made by the Faculty and the Director.
  • The Committee members can be consulted as advisors to Nordita on other issues related to subfields and their national representation.

3. Procedures

  • The Committees work together reviewing the applications. In addition, members are expected to attend a yearly one-day meeting at Nordita to evaluate the applications.
  • Minutes of the Committee meetings are to be sent to the Director and the Faculty.

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