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New director for Nordita from July 1, 2007

November 2. Professor Risto Nieminen from the Helsinki University of Technology will take up the position as director of Nordita from July 1st 2007. His research interests include condensed matter and materials physics, nanoscience and complex materials. Professor Nieminen acted as secretary in the expert group which evaluated Nordita in 2004. More information about professor Nieminen can be found on

Activities this Fall in Stockholm

Nordita in October

October 23. Since early August, the Nordita building in Stockholm is already harbouring some of Nordita's activities, in particular in the areas of Astrophysics and Biophysics. Some of these activities are reflected in a new page covering the Activities this Fall in Stockholm. Since September there has been a continuous stream of visitors to Nordita in Stockholm.

NORDITA researchers in Stockholm

October 11. A number of assistant professor positions and post-doc positions has been announced. Look under positions.

Board Meeting, September 15

September 21. The first board meeting with Anders Flodström as chairman took place in the Nordita house at AlbaNova Friday 15 September. The board took a number of decisions concerning activities during 2007. Read the full summary.

NORDITA moves to Stockholm at the end of 2006

The Nordic Council of Ministers have approved an agreement with a consortium formed by Stockholm University (SU) and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH), according to which the consortium assumes ownership of NORDITA. From the beginning of 2007 Nordita will be located at the AlbaNova University Center in Stockholm ( For some time NORDITA will also maintain activities in Copenhagen, centered on those of the present staff who will stay in Copenhagen. NORDITA will be governed by a Board chosen by the Nordic research councils, and the Nordic Council of Ministers will provide an important part of the funding.

An account of the developments leading to the agreement may be found in the article by Paul Hoyer, available in Swedish and English, which is being published in the journals of the Finnish and Norwegian Physical Societies. See also the news items at and

Board, Chairperson, and Director

The mandate for the present board has been prolonged until December 31, 2006 by NMR and the same board will be appointed by the universities in Stockholm until June 30, 2007. An external chairman, Prof. Anders Flodström, has been appointed for the period August 1, 2006 to June 30, 2007. A new board and a new chairman will be appointed from July 1, 2007. Prof. Ulf Wahlgren has been appointed interim director until June 30, 2007.

Nordita visitors since August 2006

Tobias Heinemann(Copenhagen): 12-23 Sep
Maarit Korpi (Helsinki): 19-22 Sep
Jan Staff (Univ. Calgary): 20-26 Sep
Brian Niebergal (Univ. Calgary): 20-26 Sep
Petri Käpylä (Freiburg/Oulu): 18-22 Sep
Natalia Babkovskaia (St Petersburg): 1 Oct - 31 Dec
Sven Bingert (Freiburg): 19-27 Oct
Jonathan Graham (Boulder): 26-27 Oct
Anna Pietarila (Boulder): 26-27 Oct
Boris Dintrans (Toulouse): 10-19 Nov
David Field (Aarhus): 10-11 Nov
Wolfgang Dobler (Calgary): 10-16 Nov
Mikko Alava (Helsinki): 15-17 Nov
Alexander Kosovichev (Stanford): 17-20 Nov
Juri Poutanen (Oulu): 30 Nov - 1 Dec
Hans Amundsen (Oslo): 8 Dec
Guðlaugur Jóhannesson (Reykjavik): 15-17 Dec
Lars Samuelsson (Southampton): 20-22 Dec

Nordita Preprints

Global geometry of two-dimensional charged black holes
Andrei V. Frolov, Kristjan R. Kristjansson, Larus Thorlacius
Phys.Rev. D73 (2006) 124036
Identifying the curvaton within MSSM
R. Allahverdi, K. Enqvist, A. Jokinen, A. Mazumdar
JCAP 0610 (2006) 007
Variational treatment of the Shastry-Sutherland antiferromagnet using projected entangled pair states
A. Isacsson and Olav F. Syljuåsen
Phys. Rev. E 74, 026701 (2006)
BCS-BEC crossover in atomic Fermi gases with a narrow Resonance
L. M. Jensen, H. M. Nilsen, and Gentaro Watanabe
Phys. Rev. A 74, 043608 (2006).
A Universality Test of the Quantum String Bethe Ansatz
Lisa Freyhult and Charlotte Kristjansen
Phys.Lett.B 638 (2006) 258
Thermal instability in shearing and periodic turbulence
Axel Brandenburg, Maarit J. Korpi, Antony J. Mee
Astrophys. J., 654, 945-954
Gauge invariant MSSM inflaton
R. Allahverdi, J. Garcia-Bellido, K. Enqvist, A. Mazumdar
Phys.Rev.Lett. 97 (2006) 191304
Quantum Mechanical Sectors in Thermal N=4 Super Yang-Mills on RxS^3
Troels Harmark and Marta Orselli
Structure of vortices in rotating Bose-Einstein condensates
G. Watanabe, S. A. Gifford, G. Baym, and C. J. Pethick
To appear in Phys. Rev. A
AdS/CFT versus string loops
G. Grignani, M. Orselli, B. Ramadanovic, et al.
Three-Charge Black Holes on a Circle
T. Harmark, K. R. Kristjansson, N. A. Obers, P. B. Rønne
JHEP 01 (2007) 023
Perturbative gauge theory in a background
D. D. Dietrich, P. Hoyer, M. Järvinen and S. Peigné
Semi-exclusive DVCS
Paul Hoyer and Heidi Virtanen
Non-uniform vortex lattices in inhomogeneous rotating Bose-Einstein condensates
G. Baym, C. J. Pethick, S. A. Gifford, and G. Watanabe
To appear in Phys. Rev. A
Magnetic excitations of coupled spin ladders: a quantum Monte Carlo study
Brian M. Andersen and Olav F. Syljuåsen
DNA bubble dynamics as a quantum Coulomb problem
Hans C. Fogedby and Ralf Metzler
Dimerized ground state in the one dimensional spin-1 boson Hubbard model
Vesa Apaja and Olav F. Syljuåsen
Phys. Rev. A 74, 035601 (2006)
Comments on the Relativity of Shape
Paul Hoyer
Matching the Hagedorn Temperature in AdS/CFT
Troels Harmark and Marta Orselli
Sequence sensitivity of breathing dynamics in heteropolymer DNA
Tobias Ambjornsson, Suman K. Banik, Oleg Krichevsky, Ralf Metzler
Phys Rev Lett 97, 128105 (2006)
Single DNA conformations and biological function
R. Metzler, T. Ambjoernsson, A. Hanke, Y. Zhang, S. Levene
J Comput Theoret Nanoscience
Fractal Dimension and Localization of DNA Knots
Erika Ercolini, Francesco Valle, Jozef Adamcik, Guillaume Witz, Ralf Metzler, : Paolo De Los Rios, Joaquim Roca, Giovanni Dietler
Phys Rev Lett, at press
Diffusion mechanisms of localised knots along a polymer
R. Metzler, W. Reisner, R. Riehn, R. Austin, J. Tegenfeldt, I. M. Sokolov
Europhys Lett 76, 696 (2006)
Breathing dynamics in heteropolymer DNA
T. Ambjornsson, S. K. Banik, O. Krichevsky, R. Metzler
Biophys J, in press
Some fundamental aspects of Lévy flights
R. Metzler, A.V. Chechkin, V.Y. Gonchar, J. Klafter
Fundamentals of Lévy flight processes
A. V. Chechkin, V. Y. Gonchar, J. Klafter, R. Metzler
Adv Chem Phys, at press
Conductance of a short spin incoherent Hubbard chain; Monte Carlo calculations
Olav F. Syljuåsen
Energy-dependent effective interactions for dilute many-body systems
A. Collin, P. Massignan, and C. J. Pethick
Phys. Rev. A 75, 013615 (2007).
Bose-Einstein condensation temperature of a gas of weakly dissociated diatomic molecules
L. M. Jensen, H. Mäkelä, and C. J. Pethick
Applying a potential across a biomembrane: electrostatic contribution to the bending rigidity and membrane instability
Tobias Ambjornsson, Michael A. Lomholt, Per Lyngs Hansen
Master equation approach to DNA-breathing in heteropolymer DNA
T. Ambjornsson, S.K Banik, M.A Lomholt, R. Metzler
Phys Rev E, at press
Bubble coalescence in breathing DNA: Two vicious walkers in opposite potentials
T. Novotny, J. N. Pedersen, M. S. Hansen, T. Ambjornsson, and R. Metzler
Europhys Lett, at press
Homochirality in an early peptide world
Axel Brandenburg, Harry J. Lehto, Kirsi M. Lehto
Astrobiology (submitted)
Understanding nuclear "pasta": current status and future prospects
Gentaro Watanabe
to appear in the Proceedings of the Tours Symposium on Nuclear Physics VI (TOURS 2006)
Magnetic Heisenberg-chain / pp-wave correspondence
Troels Harmark Kristjan Kristjansson and Marta Orselli
Kinetic and magnetic alpha effects in nonlinear dynamo theory
S. Sur, K. Subramanian, A. Brandenburg
Monthly Notices Roy. Astron. Soc. (submitted)
Role of the RNA2 3? non-translated region of Blackcurrant reversion nepovirus in translational regulation
Alexey Karetnikov, Mika Keränen, Kirsi Lehto
Virology xx (2006) xxx?xxx
The RNA2 59 leader of Blackcurrant reversion virus mediates efficient in vivo translation through an internal ribosomal entry site mechanism
Alexey Karetnikov and Kirsi Lehto
Journal of General Virology (2007), 88, 000?000
From Molecular Evolution to Cellular Life
Kirsi Lehto
Complete Course in Astrobiology (eds. Horneck & Rettberg), VCH Wiley
RApid Temporal Survey - RATS II: Followup observations of 4 newly discovered short period variables
Gavin Ramsay, Ralf Napiwotzki, Pasi Hakala, Harry Lehto
Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 371 (2006) 957-962
Integrally monitoring GRS 1915+105 with simultaneous INTEGRAL, RXTE, Ryle and Nancay observations
J. Rodriguez, G. Pooley, D.C. Hannikainen, H. J. Lehto
proceedings of the "Semaine de l'Astrophysique Francaise" Paris June 2006
An integral monitoring of GRS1915+105: simultaneous observations with INTEGRAL, RXTE, the Ryle and Nancay radio telescopes
J. Rodriguez, G. Pooley, D. C. Hannikainen, H. J. Lehto
proceedings of the INTEGRAL workshop, ESA pub. SP-622
An INTEGRAL monitoring of GRS 1915+105 using simultaneous space and ground based instruments
J. Rodriguez, G. Pooley, D. Hannikainen, H.J. Lehto, et al.
proceedings of the microquasar workshop held in Como, Italy, Sept. 18-22, 2006. Eds T. Belloni
Probing turbulence in OMC1 at the star forming scale: observations and simulations
Gustafsson, M., Brandenburg, A., Lemaire, J. L., & Field, D.
in Highlights of Astronomy, ed. K. A. van der Hucht et al., Astron. Soc. Pac. Conf. Ser.
Homochirality and the moment when life came about
Brandenburg, A., Andersen, A. C., & Multamäki, T.
BioZoom 9/2, 8-11
Why coronal mass ejections are necessary for the dynamo
Axel Brandenburg
Highlights of Astronomy, ed. K. G. Strassmeier & A. Kosovichev
Near-surface shear layer dynamics
Axel Brandenburg
Highlights of Astronomy, ed. F. Kupka, I.W. Roxburgh, and K.L. Chan
Predicting the next outbursts of OJ 287 in 2006?2010
M.J. Valtonen, H.J. Lehto, A. Sillanpää, et al.
Astrophys. J. 646, 36-48 (2006)
The impact of nuclear "pasta" on neutrino transport in collapsing cores
H. Sonoda, G. Watanabe, K. Sato, et al.

Items for Nordita News

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