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New Chief Administrator at NORDITA

Nordita welcomes Daniela Fitger who started as Chief Administrator in January. She is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of Nordita, and for providing internal and external coordination, management, and oversight of all administrative activities related to the development and implementation of the mission and goals of Nordita. Daniela has a Master's degree in economics and was previously a project manager at ALMI Företagspartner. She is originally from Ecuador.

Six new NORDITA Fellows arriving in 2011

A total of 403 applications for NORDITA Fellowships were received this year, which is a new record (up from 356 applications the previous year). The applications were evaluated and ranked by the three Nordic Research Committees and by the NORDITA faculty. We would like to take this opportunity to thank committee members for their time and continuing commitment to NORDITA. The recipients of the six fellowships that were awarded are listed below (in alphabetical order) along with their current affiliation and field of research.

Dmitry Bykov - Trinity College Dublim - high-energy theory
Oliver Gressel - Queen Mary, University of London - astrophysics
Oksana Manyuhina - ENS Paris - condensed matter physics
Juha Suorsa - University of Oslo - condensed matter physics
Pierpaolo Vivo - ICTP Trieste - condensed matter physics
Dmytro Volin - Pennsylvania State University - high-energy theory

NORDITA Visiting PhD Student program for Fall 2011

The Visiting PhD Student program launched by NORDITA in 2010 is open for applications for visits during the 2011 Fall term. The program, primarily intended for PhD students in the Nordic and Baltic countries, offers selected students the opportunity to spend time at NORDITA and take advantage of the research environment and ongoing scientific activities at the institute and the AlbaNova University Center in Stockholm. This can, in particular, include collaboration on research projects with NORDITA academic staff and participation in NORDITA Scientific Programs in areas of interest to the students. Visiting PhD fellows may also be interested in taking PhD-level courses offered at Stockholm area universities.

A Visiting PhD Fellowship will be awarded for a period of one to three months, providing accommodation and a contribution towards travel and living expenses in Stockholm. Fellows must be registered PhD students in theoretical physics or a related subject at a university in the Nordic or Baltic countries at the time of the fellowship visit to NORDITA. Applications for the fellowship program can be submitted at and please note that only on-line applications will be considered.

Fellowships are awarded twice a year but starting dates for stays at NORDITA are flexible. Applications for Fall 2011 should be received by June 15, 2011. Please direct enquiries about NORDITA Visiting PhD Fellowships to the Director of NORDITA, Professor Larus Thorlacius (

Licentiate Thesis defence of NORDITA PhD students

NORDITA PhD students Fabio Del Sordo and Simon Candelaresi have successfully defended their licentiate theses, "Generation of Magnetic Fields on Galactic Scales" and "Magnetic Helicity Fluxes and their Effects in Dynamo Theory".

News about the NORDITA apartments

NORDITA has decided to reduce the number of apartments we rent at Gyllenborgsgatan. Only a small number of apartments for long-term visitors will be kept. Starting August 2011, participants in NORDITA Scientific Programs will be housed in a new apartment hotel Biz Apartment, which is located in the nice area of Gärdet. This will result in more flexibility and better service for NORDITA guests.

Current and upcoming Nordita Programs


Applications of network theory: from mechanisms to large-scale structure

from 28 March to 20 April 2011
The main idea is to convene key world-class researchers on complex networks and let them interact freely with the Nordic groups interested in the area. The program will be divided into four thematic areas: biological networks, general network theory, technological networks, and social networks. Many of the intended participants are interested in several of these points. A more intense, 3-day workshop will be arranged during the middle of the program.


Predictability + School on Data Assimilation

from 26 April to 27 May 2011
Predicting the unpredictable is a challenge that is common to various physical systems whose dynamics is governed by the equations of ?uid dynamics. The oldest example is weather prediction. Other examples include climate prediction, space weather forecast, and solar cycle forecast. The mathematics developed for these applications is extremely interesting and deserves more detailed understanding, so that these techniques can be used also in other areas where the application of this technique is less well developed.

String Phenomenology

from 30 May to 25 June 2011
The program will try to cover what string theory has to say about physics beyond the Standard Models of both particle physics and cosmology. Topics may include but are not limited to: string effective actions, string instantons, stringy supersymmetry breaking, intersecting D-branes, generalized ?ux compacti?cations, in?ation in string theory, string-inspired MSSM-like models and dark matter in those models.

All upcoming Nordita programs

Upcoming Conferences and Schools

Nordic Conference on Nuclear Physics 2011

from June 13 to 17 2011
An international conference covering theoretical and experimental nuclear and hadron physics that is held every four years, circulating among the Nordic countries. This year's event will be at the AlbaNova Center in Stockholm where NORDITA is located. NORDITA will provide travel support for a limited number of PhD students at Nordic universities to attend the conference.

Strings 2011

from June 27 to July 2 2011
The annual international conference on string theory will be in Uppsala, Sweden this year. Faculty members Paolo DiVecchia, Larus Thorlacius, and Konstantin Zarembo are on the National Organizing Committee and NORDITA is one of the conference sponsors.

Summer School in Random Geometry

from August 8 to 12 2011
The purpose of the school is to introduce PhD students and young researchers to a selection of topics in Random Geometry through lecture series by experts. Topics to be covered include percolation theory, statistical mechanics, random matrices, stochastic Loewner evolution and random graphs. The school is partially supported by the NordForsk network "Random Geometry" where NORDITA is a participating institute.

Nordita Board meeting

The next Nordita Board meeting will take place on the 27th of May 2011.

Nordita preprints

→ Link to electronic preprints:

The following preprints have been posted to the Nordita on-line archive since the last newsletter issue:

Solitons as Probes of the Structure of Holographic Superfluids
Ville Keranen, Esko Keski-Vakkuri, Sean Nowling, K. P. Yogendran
Coupled dark energy and dark matter from dilatation anomaly
J.Beyer, S. Nurmi and C. Wetterich
Simulations of astrophysical dynamos
A. Brandenburg
Proceedings of IAU Symp. 274, Advances in Plasma Astrophysics, ed. A. Bonanno, E. de Gouveia dal Pino and A. Kosovichev
Coupled dark energy and dark matter from dilatation anomaly
J.Beyer, S. Nurmi and C. Wetterich
Reynolds number dependence of kinetic helicity decay in linearly forced turbulence
Axel Brandenburg, Arakel Petrosyan
Linear space of spinor monomials and realization of the Nambu-Goldstone fermion in the Volkov-Akulov and Komargodski-Seiberg Lagrangians
A.A. Zheltukhin
The Proto-Magnetar Model for Gamma-Ray Bursts
B.D. Metzger, D. Giannios, T.A. Thompson, N. Bucciantini, E. Quataert
submitted to MNRAS
Shear-driven instabilities in Hall-MHD plasmas
Bejarano, C., Gomez, D. O., Brandenburg, A.
Astrophys. J. (submitted)
Magnetic helicity fluxes in alpha Omega dynamos
Simon Candelaresi, Axel Brandenburg
proceedings of IAU Symp. 274, Advances in Plasma Astrophysics, ed. A. Bonanno, E. de Gouveia dal Pino and A. Kosovichev
Turbulent magnetic pressure instability in stratified turbulence
K. Kemel, A. Brandenburg, N. Kleeorin, I. Rogachevskii
proceedings of IAU Symp. 274, Advances in Plasma Astrophysics
How can vorticity be produced in irrotationally forced flows?
Fabio Del Sordo and Axel Brandenburg
Proceedings of IAU Symp. 274, Advances in Plasma Astrophysics, ed. A. Bonanno, E. de Gouveia dal Pino and A. Kosovichev
Finite-size corrections for quantum strings AdS4 x CP3
Davide Astolfi, Valentina Giangreco M. Puletti, Gianluca Grignani, Troels Harmark, Marta Orselli
Open strings in the system D5/D9
P. Di Vecchia, R.Marotta, I. Pesando and F. Pezzella
Charge Transfer in Uranyl(VI) Halides [UO2X4](2-) (X = F, Cl, Br, and I). A Quantum Chemical Study of the Absorption Spectra
F. Ruiperez, U. Wahlgren
J. Phys. Chem., 114, 3615?3621 (2010)
Polarons and Molecules in a Two-Dimensional Fermi Gas
S. Zoellner, G. M. Bruun, and C. J. Pethick
Phys. Rev. A 83, 021603(R) (2011)
From convective to stellar dynamos
Brandenburg, A., Käpylä, P. J., Korpi, M. J.
in Astrophysical Dynamics: From Stars to Galaxies, ed. IAU Symp. 271, N. Brummell, & A.S. Brun, in press
Condensation in nongeneric trees
Thordur Jonsson and Sigurdur Örn Stefánsson
Journal of Statistical Physics, (2010)
Thermodynamics of the hot BIon
G. Grignani, T. Harmark, A. Marini, N. A. Obers, M. Orselli
Scale-dependence of magnetic helicity in the solar wind
A. Brandenburg, K. Subramanian, A. Balogh, M. L. Goldstein
Astrophys. J. (submitted)
On the mass term of the Dirac equation
Maciej Trzetrzelewski
Detection of the phenomenon of turbulent thermal diffusion in DNS
Nils Erland L. Haugen, Nathan Kleeorin, Igor Rogachevskii, Axel Brandenburg
Lorentz-invariant membranes and finite matrix approximations
Jens Hoppe, Maciej Trzetrzelewski
Electrodeless Dielectrophoresis for bioanalysis: theory, devices and applications
Jan Regtmeier, Ralf Eichhorn, Martina Everwand, Lukas Bogunovic, and Dario Anselmetti
review article
From Irrational to Non-Unitary: on the Haffnian and Haldane-Rezayi wave functions
Maria Hermanns, Nicolas Regnault, B. Andrei Bernevig, Eddy Ardonne
The diagnostic plot ? a litmus test for wall bounded turbulence data
P. Henrik Alfredsson, Ramis Örlü
Europ. J. Mech. 29, 403-406 (2010)
Rigorous derivation of an unclosed mean G-equation for statistically 1D premixed turbulent flames
Vladimir A. Sabel?nikov and Andrei N. Lipatnikov
Int. J. Spray Combustion Dynam., 2, 301-324 (2010)
The interaction of high-speed turbulence with flames: Turbulent flame speed
A.Y. Poludnenko and E.S. Oran
Combust. Flame, 158, 301-326 (2011)
Magnetic Helicity Fluxes and their Effects in Dynamo Theory
Simon Candelaresi
Superspace calculation of the four-loop spectrum in N=6 supersymmetric Chern-Simons theories
M. Leoni, A. Mauri, J.A. Minahan, O. Ohlsson Sax, A. Santambrogio, C. Sieg, G. Tartaglino-Mazzucchelli
JHEP 1012:074,2010
Generation of magnetic fields on galactic scales
Fabio Del Sordo
Licentiate Thesis (University Stockholm)
The monomial representations of the Clifford group
D. M. Appleby, Ingemar Bengtsson, Stephen Brierley, David Gross [Mittag-Leffler], Jan-Åke Larsson.
Dynamical TAP equations for non-equilibrium Ising spin glasses
Yasser Roudi, John A. Hertz
The fratricide of alpha-Omega dynamos by their alpha-squared siblings
A. Hubbard, M. Rheinhardt, A. Brandenburg
Astron. Astrophys. (submitted)
Magnetization dynamics and Majorana fermions in ferromagnetic Josephson junctions along the quantum spin Hall edge
Annica M. Black-Schaffer and Jacob Linder
Interacting non-Abelian anyons as Majorana fermions in the honeycomb lattice model
Ville Lahtinen
Dynamo action and magnetic buoyancy in convection simulations with vertical shear
G. Guerrero and P. Käpylä
Submitted to A&A
Numerical Simulation of the Nernst Effect in Extreme Type-II Superconductors: A Negative Nernst Signal and its Noise Power Spectra
Sangwoo S. Chung, Paata Kakashvili, C. J. Bolech
Dirac membrane and hadrons
M. Trzetrzelewski
Dirac equation for membranes
M. Trzetrzelewski
Quantization of four geometries
M. Trzetrzelewski
Decay of helical and non-helical magnetic knots
Simon Candelaresi and Axel Brandenburg
PRE (submitted)
Markov branching in the vertex splitting model
Sigurdur Örn Stefánsson
Chandrasekhar-Kendall functions in astrophysical dynamos
Axel Brandenburg
PRAMANA - Journal of Physics
Hard-Wall Interactions in Soft Matter Systems: Exact Numerical Treatment
Hans Behringer, Ralf Eichhorn
Superstrings in AdS(2) x S(2) x T(6)
D. Sorokin, A. Tseytlin, L. Wulff and K. Zarembo
Dynamo-driven plasmoid ejections above a spherical surface
Jörn Warnecke, Axel Brandenburg, and Dhrubaditya Mitra
Submitted to A&A
Mean-field diffusivities in passive scalar and magnetic transport in irrotational flows
Karl-Heinz Rädler, Axel Brandenburg, Fabio Del Sordo and Matthias Rheinhardt
Submitted to PRE
Flux emergence: flares and coronal mass ejections driven by dynamo action underneath the solar surface
Licentiate Thesis

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