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Nordita Uses the "AlbaNova Agenda" Calendar System

Nordita is situated on the AlbaNova University Center campus, where also the theoretical physics groups of Stockholm University and KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology are (but in a different building).

It therefore makes sense for us to the common calendar system of AlbaNova, the AlbaNova Agenda, to publicize our scientific programs, conferences, seminars and other events. (The name of the software used is Indico, developed at CERN.)

You find the Agenda on the address

Below you find instructions on how to:

Use Agenda Event Listings

The front page of the Agenda system lists the main categories of events. Since the Agenda is used by everyone at AlbaNova, only a few of these categories will be of interest to Nordita.

All theoretical physics seminars, including the Nordita seminar, can be accessed via the link "Seminars", and the "AlbaNova/Nordita Colloquium" has its own category.

The "Nordita programs" have a separate category, while Nordita workshops, conferences, schools and courses share the category "Nordita".

To get back to this front page from any other Agenda page, click the logo in the top left corner. The category listings are associated with the item "Display" in the menu to the right.

When you click on a category link, you will be brought to a list of sub-categories, and so on, until you reach information pages of individual events.

Note the breadcrumb, a set of links at the top of the page. It shows you how far down in the hierarchy of pages you have come, and higher levels are linked so that you easily can navigate back.

Selecting the "Seminars" sub-category, for instance, will display the following list of seminar series within AlbaNova:

From there you could choose the "Nordita Seminar" sub-sub-category:

Here you see a chronological list of Nordita seminars, past and future. To get more information about any one event, just click the linked title of the event.

To get back to the category listings from an event page, click the small blue curly icon in the top left corner of the page, or the linked category title next to it.

Use Agenda Overviews

Rather than browsing for events based on the event type you might be interested in knowing what is happening at AlbaNova today or this week. To switch to this mode, select the "Overview" item in the right-hand side menu.

By default you should now see today's events. Using the various drop-down lists after "Period", you can adapt the range of days that are shown. The drop-down list after "Detail" allows you to list also individual sessions and contributions in any ongoing conference. Confirm a new selection with the "Apply" button.

This is an example of an overview for the current week (which starts on a Monday). Other options are 7 days from today and the current month.

You can get to the previous or next day, week or month by clicking on the left and right arrows surrounding the date just above the overview.

The selection of events listed in an overview is context-dependent.

If you clicked on the menu item "Overview" when you were on the Agenda front page (or "home" page), you will see events from all categories in the Agenda.

If you want to see only seminars, first go back to list view by selecting "Display" in the menu, navigate to the "Seminars" category and then select "Overview" again.

Use Agenda Calendars

A third way of accessing Agenda events are accessed with the menu item "Calendar". Just like the overviews, calendars show only those Agenda events that belong to the categories in the most recently visited category list (menu item "Display").

For instance, you might start from the category listing "Nordita Schools", and then click "Calendar":

This will display a calendar of the next 6 months with Nordita schools marked with a color as explained in the "Color Legend" box.

In the "Options" box, you can adapt the time period displayed. Don't forget to confirm changes with "Apply".

It is possible to get a calendar view of events that don't belong to the same category or sub-category. First click on the "Change" button in the "Color Legend" box. This will take you to a collapsible-tree view of all categories in the Agenda system.

To open a part of the tree (for instance the top-level part called "Home"), just click on the little arrow to the left of the label. Continue opening sub-levels, until you see the titles of all the categories you want to add to your calendar.

To add all events in a category to your calendar, check the checkbox in front of the category in the tree. Unchecking a category of course causes it not to be shown in the calendar. Confirm all your selections with the "OK" button at the bottom.

Here the "Seminars" category has first been unchecked, and then only a selection of seminar series have been chosen, together with the AlbaNova/Nordita Colloquium which is in a separate category altogether.

In the resulting calendar, events belonging to different sub-categories are distinguished by different colours, as described in the "Color Legend" box.

Holding the mouse over an event item in the calendar grid will display the title of the event.

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