Proposal Guidelines

A proposal for a scientific program at Nordita should include:

  • A program title and suggested dates.
  • Names and affiliations of at least two organizers indicating the periods they are committed to being present at Nordita during the program. One of the organizers should be identified as a contact person.
  • A single paragraph abstract that can be used in advertising the program.
  • A clearly motivated scientific case, spelling out the importance and timeliness of the proposed program. This part of the proposal should not exceed two pages.
  • A budget outline that should not exceed SEK 600 000 (approx. EUR 60 000) per month of the program. Nordita will contribute SEK 400 000 of which a minimum of SEK 300 000 goes towards accommodation costs for program participants at an apartment hotel in Stockholm. Program organizers are encouraged to seek supplementary financing from other sources and Nordita will match up to SEK 100 000 in external financing of the program bringing the total budget to SEK 600 000.
  • A brief description of the Nordic relevance of the proposed program. How will Nordic groups working in the subject area of the program benefit? If the area is underrepresented in the Nordic countries, how can the program help remedy that?
  • A tentative program schedule indicating how continued activity for the full duration is to be accomplished. Is a focus event planned, such as a workshop or advanced school?
  • A list of expected participants from the international community and from the Nordic countries, indicating in each case whether or not they have been contacted and if they have expressed interest. There must be young participants (students and postdocs), and there must be participants from Nordic institutes. Since most program organizers have been men, applications from women are particularly welcome. We also call on the organizers to make an effort to invite female participants to their program. The minimum stay for all participants is one week (5 working days) and longer stays are encouraged. Accommodation is provided at an apartment hotel in Stockholm.
  • A list of recent or future programs at Nordita or elsewhere that the proposed program may overlap with. Is the program part an established network activity or program series or is it a one-time effort?

Note that proposals that fail to follow these guidelines will be ranked low by the Program Committee and are unlikely to be selected for funding by the Nordita Board.

Submitting Proposals

Proposals must be submitted as PDF files attached to an e-mail to with the subject line "Program proposal". Proposals must be submitted before the deadline, usually in November or December every year.

Within a week from submission you will receive a mail from the Director that your proposal has been received. If you do not get such a receipt, please contact Nordita, either at or

The Nordita Board decides early the following year which scientific programs will be funded, following an external review of all program proposals by the Nordita Program Committee.


Enquiries about Nordita scientific programs should be directed to the Director of Nordita, e-mail

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17 Oct 2021

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