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PhD Program in Collaboration with Local Universities

Being primarily a research institute, Nordita does not have the right to issue academic degrees. This means there is no regular PhD student program at Nordita, as there is at the universities.

Nordita researchers may still apply for a grant for PhD positions. In these cases the PhD student is formally enrolled in one of the local universities (usually Stockholm University or the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm), but has the Nordita researcher as thesis supervisor.

Open PhD positions at Nordita are announced at

See the list of Nordita PhD students since the move of Nordita to Stockholm in 2007.

Nordita Visiting PhD Fellows Program

As a service to the physics communities in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Nordita also has a Visiting PhD Fellow Program, which allows PhD students from these countries to stay at Nordita for a period of one to four months. See Nordita Visiting PhD Fellows Program for more details.

Visiting PhD Students

Nordita has also been host to PhD students enrolled in universities in countries outside the Nordic and Baltic countries that have spent a longer period of time at our institute as part of their graduate studies. These visits have been funded by special grants or by the home institute of the student. Visiting PhD students in recent years are listed together with Nordita Visiting PhD Fellows.

3 Jan 2017

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