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The meetings are held on Thursdays at 12:00 in the AlbaNova restaurant.

Next Meeting 22-06-16

Testing the Propagating Fluctuations Model with a Long, Global Accretion Disk Simulation
N. Singh

Previous Meeting 11-05-16

Spontaneous Formation of Surface Magnetic Structure from Large-scale Dynamo in Strongly-stratified Convection
D. Mitra

Previous Meeting 16-04-15

Key aspects of coronal heating'
James A. Klimchuk

Previous Meeting 29-01-15

Helioseismic Imaging of Fast Convective Flows Throughout the Near-Surface Shear Layer
Benjamin J. Greer, Bradley W. Hindman, Nicholas A. Featherstone, Juri Toomre

"Dynamo Saturation in Rapidly Rotating Solar-Type Stars"
L.L. Kitchatinov, S.V. Olemskoy

Previous Meeting 29-01-15

J. Jiang, R. H. Cameron, and M. Schuessler

On Polar Magnetic Field Reversal and Surface Flux Transport During Solar Cycle 24

Sun, Xudong; Hoeksema, J. Todd; Liu, Yang; Zhao, Junwei

Previous Meeting 22-01-15

```Active-region Tilt Angles: Magnetic versus White-light Determinations of Joy's Law
Wang, Y.-M.; Colaninno, R. C.; Baranyi, T.; Li, J.

```Re-examining Sunspot Tilt Angle to Include Anti-Hale Statistics
McClintock, B. H.; Norton, A. A.; Li, J.

Previous Meeting 27-03-14

A model for the formation of the active region corona driven by magnetic flux emergence
Authors: F. Chen, H. Peter, S. Bingert, M. C. M. Cheung

Theoretical seismology in 3D : nonlinear simulations of internal gravity waves in solar-like stars
Authors: Lucie Alvan, Allan Sacha Brun, Stéphane Mathis

Previous Meeting 20-03-14

Response to "Stray-light correction in 2D spectroscopy" by R. Schlichenmaier and M. Franz
Authors: Göran Scharmer

BICEP2 I: Detection Of B-mode Polarization at Degree Angular Scales
Authors: BICEP2 Collaboration

Previous Meeting 13-03-14

Identifying Potential Markers of the Sun's Giant Convective Scale
Authors: Scott W. McIntosh, Xin Wang, Robert J. Leamon, Philip H. Scherrer

The Stagger-grid: A grid of 3D stellar atmosphere models - III. The relation to mixing length convection theory
Authors: Zazralt Magic, Achim Weiss, Martin Asplund

Previous Meeting 27-02-14

High-resolution calculations of the solar global convection with the reduced speed of sound technique: I. The structure of the convection and the magnetic field without the rotation
Authors: H. Hotta, M. Rempel, T. Yokoyama

The Emergence of Weakly Twisted Magnetic Fields in the Sun
Authors: Archontis, V.; Hood, A. W.; Tsinganos, K.

Previous Meeting 13-02-14

Mixing in Magnetized Turbulent Media
Authors: Sur, Sharanya; Pan, Liubin; Scannapieco, Evan

Doubts about the crucial role of the rising-tube mechanism in the formation of sunspot groups
Authors: Getling, A. V.; Ishikawa, R.; Buchnev, A. A.

Previous Meeting 30-01-14

Mesogranulation and small-scale dynamo action in the quiet Sun
Authors: P. J. Bushby and B. Favier

Sensitivity of helioseismic travel-times to the imposition of a Lorentz force limiter in computational helioseismology
Authors: Hamed Moradi, Paul S. Cally

Previous Meeting 23-01-14

Generating buoyant magnetic flux ropes in solar-like convective dynamos
Authors: Nicholas J. Nelson, Mark S. Miesch

Formation of filament-like structures in the pulsar magnetosphere and the short-term variability of pulsar emission
Authors: Vadim Urpin

Previous Meeting 13-12-13

Giant Convection Cells Found on the Sun
Authors: David H. Hathaway, Lisa Upton, Owen Colegrove

Global helioseismic evidence for a deeply penetrating Solar meridional flow consisting of multiple flow cells
Authors: A. Schad, J. Timmer, M. Roth

Previous Meeting 05-12-13

Resilience of helical fields to turbulent diffusion II: direct numerical simulations
Authors: Pallavi Bhat, Eric G. Blackman, Kandaswamy Subramanian

Previous Meeting 28-11-13

Universal behavior of rotating neutron stars in GR: even simpler than their Newtonian counterparts
Authors: George Pappas, Theocharis A. Apostolatos
Uniformly rotating neutron stars in the global and local charge neutrality cases
Authors:R. Belvedere, K. Boshkayev, Jorge A. Rueda, R. Ruffini

Previous Meeting 21-11-13

From solar-like to anti-solar differential rotation in cool stars
Authors: T. Gastine, R. K. Yadav, J. Morin, A. Reiners, J. Wicht

Previous Meeting 07-11-13

Cycling Dynamo in a Young Sun: Grand Minima and Equatorward Propagation
Authors: Kyle Augustson, Allan Sacha Brun, Mark Steven Miesch, Juri Toomre
Pulsar timing noise from superfluid turbulence
Authors:Andrew Melatos, Bennett Link
Stability of super-Chandrasekhar magnetic white dwarfs
Authors:N. Chamel, A.F. Fantina, P.J. Davis

Previous Meeting 17-10-13

Search for Stable Magnetohydrodynamic Equilibria in Barotropic Stars
Authors: J.P. Mitchell, J. Braithwaite, N. Langer, A. Reisenegger, H. Spruit
Pulsar timing noise from superfluid turbulence
Authors:Andrew Melatos, Bennett Link
A general method for the determination of duration of solar cycle maxima
Authors:Stefano Sello

Previous Meeting 03-10-13

Stellar Magnetic Dynamos and Activity Cycles
Authors:Nicholas J. Wright
Models of solar surface dynamics: impact on eigenfrequencies and radius
Authors: Laurent Piau, Remo Collet, Robert F. Stein, Regner Trampedach, Pierre Morel, Sylvaine Turck-Chieze
Can very compact and very massive neutron stars both exist?
Authors:Alessandro Drago, Andrea Lavagno, Giuseppe Pagliara

Previous Meeting 12-09-13

A Solar Dynamo Model Driven by Mean-Field Alpha and Babcock-Leighton Sources: Fluctuations, Grand-Minima-Maxima and Hemispheric Asymmetry in Sunspot Cycles
Authors:D. Passos, D. Nandy, S. Hazra, I. Lopes
Asteroseismic Signatures of Magnetic Activity Variations in Solar-type Stars
Authors: Travis S. Metcalfe

Previous Meeting 27-08-13

Rayleigh-Taylor Instability of Ionization Front around Black Holes
Authors: KwangHo Park, Massimo Ricotti, Tiziana Di Matteo, Christopher S. Reynolds
Counterexample of the magnetorotational instability in two-dimensional axial symmetry
Authors: Giovanni Montani, Daniela Pugliese

Previous Meeting 15-08-13

Detecting activity cycles of late-type dwarfs in Kepler data
Authors: K. Vida, K. Oláh

Previous Meeting 08-08-13

Magnetorotational instability in relativistic hypermassive neutron stars
Authors: Daniel M. Siegel, Riccardo Ciolfi, Abraham I. Harte, Luciano Rezzolla

Previous Meeting 27-06-13

Dynamo action due to alpha fluctuations in a shear flow: mean--field theory
Authors: S. Sridhar, Nishant K. Singh

Previous Meeting 06-06-13

An anti-glitch in a magnetar
Authors: R. F. Archibald, V. M. Kaspi, C. -Y. Ng, K. N. Gourgouliatos, D. Tsang, P. Scholz, A. P. Beardmore, N. Gehrels & J. A. Kennea
[ ]

Previous Meeting 04-04-13

A new code for the Hall-driven magnetic evolution of neutron stars
Authors: Viganò, D.; Pons, J. A.; Miralles, J. A.

Previous Meeting 28-03-13

New Mass Limit for White Dwarfs: Super-Chandrasekhar Type Ia Supernova as a New Standard Candle
Authors: Das, Upasana; Mukhopadhyay, Banibrata

Previous Meeting 14-03-13

Magnetic fields: Impact on the rotation curve of the Galaxy
Authors: F. J. Sanchez-Salcedo, A. Santillan

Previous Meeting 7-03-13

A rapidly spinning supermassive black hole at the centre of NGC1365
Authors: Risaliti, G.; Harrison, F. A.; Madsen, K. K.; Walton, D. J.; Boggs, S. E.; Christensen, F. E.; Craig, W. W.; Grefenstette, B. W.; Hailey, C. J.; Nardini, E.; Stern, Daniel; Zhang, W. W.

Previous Meeting 28-02-13

Generic conditions for stable hybrid stars
Authors: Mark G. Alford, Sophia Han, Madappa Prakash

Previous Meeting 6-12-12

Solar Dynamo and Toroidal Field Instabilities
Authors: Bonanno, A

Previous Meeting 8-10-12

Looking deep into the Cat's Eye: Structure and rotation in the fast wind of the PN central star of NGC6543
Authors: R.K. Prinja, D.L. Massa, M. Cantiello
arXiv: 1210.0533

Previous Meeting 24-9-12

On the reality of the quantum state
Authors: Pusey, Matthew F.; Barrett, Jonathan; Rudolph, Terry

Previous Meeting 17-9-12

On the resilience of helical magnetic fields to turbulent diffusion and the provocative astrophysical implications
Authors: Eric G. Blackman (U. Rochester), Kandaswamy Subramanian (IUCAA)

Previous Meeting 11-6-12

Creating Convincing Simulations in Astrophysics
Author: Mikaela Sundberg

Previous Meeting 28-5-12

Buildup of Magnetic Shear and Free Energy During Flux Emergence and Cancellation
Authors: Fang Fang et al.

On the Inconsistence in the Standard Model for Thin Accretion Disks
Authors: Giovanni Montani, Nakia Carlevaro

Previous Meeting 14-5-12

Surface flux evolution constraints for flux transport dynamos
Authors: R. H. Cameron, D. Schmitt, J. Jiang, E. Isik

Previous Meeting 7-5-12

An observational test for correlations between cosmic rays and magnetic fields
Authors: Rodion Stepanov et al.

A second-order accurate Super TimeStepping formulation for anisotropic thermal conduction
Authors: Meyer, Chad D.; Balsara, Dinshaw S.; Aslam, Tariq D.
ADS link

Previous Meeting 23-4-12

Experimental Observation of Spatially Localized Dynamo Magnetic Fields
Authors: B. Gallet et al.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 144501

Mean field dynamo action in renovating shearing flows
Authors: Sanved Kolekar, Kandaswamy Subramanian, S. Sridhar

Previous Meeting 2-4-12

Scaling laws for magnetic fields on the quiet Sun
Author: Jan O. Stenflo

Accretion Disks and Dynamos: Toward a Unified Mean Field Theory
Author: Eric G. Blackman

Previous Meeting 26-3-12

Adiabatic Heating of Contracting Turbulent Fluids
Authors: Brant Robertson, Peter Goldreich

Morphological evolution of a 3D CME cloud reconstructed from three viewpoints
Authors: L. Feng, B. Inhester, Y. Wei, W.Q. Gan, T.L. Zhang, M.Y. Wang

Previous Meeting 19-3-12

A Note on Solar Cycle Length during the Medieval Climate Anomaly
Authors: J. M. Vaquero, R. M. Trigo

Helioseismic Detection of Emerging Magnetic Flux
Authors: Stathis Ilonidis, Junwei Zhao, Alexander G. Kosovichev

Rossby Wave Instability in three dimensional discs
Authors: H. Meheut, C. Yu, D. Lai

The Flying Spaghetti Monster: Impact of magnetic fields on ram pressure stripping in disk galaxies
Authors: M. Ruszkowski, M. Bruggen, D. Lee, M.-S. Shin

Previous Meeting 12-3-12

3D Solar Null Point Reconnection MHD Simulations
G. Baumann, K. Galsgaard, Å. Nordlund [ ]

Previous Meeting 5-3-12

Generation of Scaled protogalactic seed magnetic fields in laser-produced shock waves
G. Gregori et al.

Previous Meeting 27-2-12

Kinematics and helicity evolution of a loop-like eruptive prominence
K.Koleva, M.S.Madjarska, P.Duchlev, C.J. Schrijver, J.-C. Vial, E. Buchlin, M. Dechev

Previous Meeting 20-2-12

"Spectral properties of oscillatory and non-oscillatory ?^2-dynamos"
Authors: A. Giesecke, F. Stefani, G. Gerbeth

"Approximations for radiative cooling and heating in the solar chromosphere"
Authors: Mats Carlsson, Jorrit Leenaarts

"Intrinsic Stability of a Body Hovering in an Oscillating Airflow"
Authors: Bin Liu, Leif Ristroph, Annie Weathers, Stephen Childress, and Jun Zhang
[ Link to PRL webpage]

Previous Meeting 13-2-12

The cross helicity at the solar surface by simulations and observations
Authors: G. Ruediger, M. Kueker, R.S. Schnerr

Magnetohydrodynamics of the Weakly Ionized Solar Photosphere
Authors: Mark C. M. Cheung, Robert H. Cameron

Previous Meeting 6-2-12

Consequences of spontaneous reconnection at a two-dimensional non-force-free current layer
Authors: Jorge Fuentes-Fernández, Clare E. Parnell, Alan W. Hood, Eric R. Priest, Dana W. Longcope

How far can minimal models explain the solar cycle?
Authors: R. D. Simitev, F. H. Busse

Vortices, shocks, and heating in the solar photosphere: effect of a magnetic field
R. Moll, R. H. Cameron, M. Schüssler

A catalogue of rotation and activity in early-M stars
Authors: Ansgar Reiners, Nandan Joshi (Institute for Astrophysics, Göttingen), Bertrand Goldman

On the magnetic flux problem in star formation
Authors: Jonathan Braithwaite

Weak magnetic fields in early-type stars: failed fossils
Authors: Jonathan Braithwaite, Matteo Cantiello

Previous Meeting 30-1-12

On the interaction between tides and convection
Authors: Gordon I. Ogilvie, Geoffroy Lesur

Dynamics of Magnetized Vortex Tubes in the Solar Chromosphere
Authors: I.N. Kitiashvili, A.G. Kosovichev, N.N. Mansour, A.A. Wray

The relative significance of the H-index
Authors: H.C. Spruit

Previous Meeting 23-1-12

Convective Babcock-Leighton Dynamo Models
Authors: Mark S. Miesch (HAO/NCAR), Benjamin P. Brown

Previous Meeting 16-1-12

Correlations between CME parameters and sunspot activity
Authors: Z. L. Du

Previous Meeting 9-1-12

Simulations of a Magnetic Fluctuation Driven Large Scale Dynamo and Comparison with a Two-scale Model
Authors: Kiwan Park, E. G. Blackman

The inverse cascade of magnetic helicity in magnetohydrodynamic turbulence
Authors: Wolf-Christian Müller, Shiva Kumar Malapa, Angela Busse

Variations of the solar cycle profile in a solar dynamo with fluctuating dynamo governing parameters
Authors: V.V. Pipin, D.D. Sokoloff, I.G. Usoskin

Previous Meeting 19-12-11

Heating of the magnetized solar chromosphere by partial ionization effects
Authors: Elena Khomenko, Manuel Collados

Experimental evidence for Tayler instability in a liquid metal column
Authors: Martin Seilmayer, Frank Stefani, Thomas Gundrum, Tom Weier, Gunter Gerbeth, Marcus Gellert, Guenther Ruediger

Previous Meeting 12-12-11

Kepler-22b: A 2.4 Earth-radius Planet in the Habitable Zone of a Sun-like Star
Authors: William J. Borucki et al.

Previous Meeting 5-12-11

Wave Propagation and Jet Formation in the Chromosphere
Authors: L. Heggland, V. H. Hansteen, B. De Pontieu, M. Carlsson

Nonlocal model for the turbulent fluxes due to thermal convection in rectilinear shearing flow
Authors: R. Smolec, G. Houdek, D. O. Gough

Relation of Astrophysical Turbulence and Magnetic Reconnection
Authors: A. Lazarian, G. Eyink, E. Vishniac

Previous Meeting 28-11-11

Basic Properties of MHD Turbulence in the Inertial Range
Authors: Andrey Beresnyak

Back Reaction from Walls
Authors: Enea Di Dio, Marc Vonlanthen, Ruth Durrer

Previous Meeting 21-11-11

Planetary science: Ancient lunar dynamo
Authors: Dominique Jault

A long-lived lunar dynamo driven by continuous mechanical stirring
Authors: C. A. Dwyer, D. J. Stevenson, F. Nimmo

Twist, Writhe & Helicity in the inner penumbra of a sunspot
Authors: Basilio Ruiz Cobo, Klaus G. Puschmann

Previous Meeting 14-11-11

Dynamic Coupling of Convective Flows and Magnetic Field during Flux Emergence
Authors: F. Fang, W. Manchester IV, W. P. Abbett, B. van der Holst

Resolving high Reynolds numbers in SPH simulations of subsonic turbulence
Authors: Daniel J. Price
arXiv:1111.1255 See also arXiv:1111.1259

Magnetic Field Amplification by Small-Scale Dynamo Action: Dependence on Turbulence Models, Reynolds and Prandtl Numbers
Authors: J. Schober, D. Schleicher, C. Federrath, R. Klessen, R. Banerjee

Previous Meeting 07-11-11

"On identifying the neutron star that was born in the supernova that placed 60Fe onto the Earth"
Authors: R. Neuhäuser, N. Tetzlaff, T. Eisenbeiss, M. M. Hohle

"MHD simulations of a supernova-driven ISM and the warm ionized medium using a positivity preserving ideal MHD scheme"
Authors:Mordecai-Mark Mac Low, Alex S. Hill, M. Ryan Joung, Knut Waagan, Christian Klingenberg, Kenneth Wood, Robert A. Benjamin, Christoph Federrath, L. Matthew Haffner

Previous Meeting 31-10-11

"Magnetic field studies of massive main sequence stars"
Authors: M. Schoeller, S. Hubrig, I. Ilyin, N.V. Kharchenko, M. Briquet, N. Langer, L.M. Oskinova, the MAGORI collaboration

Previous Meeting 26-09-11

"Measurement of the neutrino velocity with the OPERA detector in the CNGS beam"
The OPERA Collaboraton
arXiv:1109.4897 (Webcast)

Lots of AREPO papers came out recently. Let's spend some time to discuss moving grid methods...

"The excitation of solar-like oscillations in a ??Sct star by efficient envelope convection"
Authors: V. Antoci et al.
Nature (2011) doi:10.1038/nature10389

Previous Meeting 19-09-11

"Self-consistent evolution of magnetic fields and chiral asymmetry in the early Universe"
Authors: Alexey Boyarsky, Juerg Froehlich, Oleg Ruchayskiy

On the Force-Freeness of the Photospheric Sunspot Magnetic Fields as Observed from Hinode (SOT/SP)
Author:Sanjiv Kumar Tiwari

Previous Meeting 12-09-11

Atmospheres of hot super-Earths
Authors:Thibaut Castan, Kristen Menou

Previous Meeting 05-09-11

Multi-Scale Analysis of Magnetic Fields in Filamentary Molecular Clouds in Orion A
Authors: Frédérick Poidevin, Pierre Bastien, Terry J. Jones

The Rise of Active Region Flux Tubes in the Turbulent Solar Convective Envelope
Authors: Maria A. Weber, Yuhong Fan, Mark S. Miesch

Previous Meeting 11-07-11

Acceleration of Particles at the Termination Shock of a Relativistic Striped Wind
Authors: Lorenzo Sironi, Anatoly Spitkovsky

Previous Meeting 27-06-11

On the Mode of Dynamo Action in a Global Large-eddy Simulation of Solar Convection
Authors: Racine1 E., Charbonneau, P., Ghizaru, M., Bouchat, A. and Smolarkiewicz, P.
ApJ 735 46

Gyroscopic Pumping in the Solar Near-Surface Shear Layer
Authors: Mark S. Miesch, Bradley W. Hindman

Weak and Strong Field Dynamos: from the Earth to the stars
Authors: J. Morin, E. Dormy, M. Schrinner, J.-F. Donati

Magnetic-Field Generation by Randomly Forced Shearing Waves
Authors: T. Heinemann, J. C. McWilliams, A. A. Schekochihin

Previous Meeting 13-06-11

Flow-turbulence interaction in magnetic reconnection''
Authors: Nobumitsu Yokoi, Masahiro Hoshino

Investigating variation of latitudinal stellar spot rotation and its relation to the real stellar surface rotation
Authors: H. Korhonen (FINCA, KIS), D. Elstner (AIP)

Coupling the solar dynamo and the corona: wind properties, mass and momentum losses during an activity cycle
Authors: Rui F. Pinto, Allan Sacha Brun, Laurène Jouve, Roland Grappin

Kolmogorov versus Iroshnikov-Kraichnan spectra: Consequences for ion heating in the solar wind'''
Authors: C. S. Ng, A. Bhattacharjee, D. Munsi, P. A. Isenberg, C. W. Smith

Previous Meeting 31-05-11

Turbulent cross-helicity in the mean-field solar dynamo problem
Authors: V.V. Pipin, K.M. Kuzanyan, H.Zhang, A.G. Kosovichev

The large scale magnetic field structure of the spiral galaxy NGC 5775
Authors: Marian Soida, Marita Krause, Ralf-Jürgen Dettmar, Marek Urbanik

Previous Meeting 23-05-11

Global dynamo models from direct numerical simulations and their mean-field counterparts
Authors: M. Schrinner

Generalised models for torsional spine and fan magnetic reconnection
Authors: D. I. Pontin, A. K. Al-Hachami, K. Galsgaard

Low polarized emission from the core of coronal mass ejections
Authors: M. Mierla, I. Chifu, B. Inhester, L. Rodriguez, A. Zhukov

Previous Meeting 09-05-11

Polar branches of stellar activity waves: dynamo models and observations
Authors: D. Moss, D. Sokoloff, A. F. Lanza

Helioseismic response to X2.2 solar flare of February 15, 2011
Authors: Alexander G. Kosovichev

Universality of the Small-Scale Dynamo Mechanism
Authors: R. Moll, J. Pietarila Graham, J. Pratt, R. H. Cameron, W.-C. Müller, M. Schüssler

Previous Meeting 02-04-11

Validated helioseismic inversions for 3-D vector flows
Authors: M. Svanda, L. Gizon, S. M. Hanasoge, S. D. Ustyugov

Is Cycle 24 the Beginning of a Dalton-Like Minimum?
Authors: M. Lindholm Nielsen, H. Kjeldsen

On Limiting the Thickness of the Solar Tachocline
Authors: T.M. Rogers

Hemispheric Helicity Trend for Solar Cycle 24
Authors: Juan Hao, Mei Zhang'''

Previous Meeting 18-04-11

Downward auroral currents from the reconnection Hall-region
Authors: R. A. Treumann, R. Nakamura, W. Baumjohann

Mean-field solar dynamo models with strong meridional flow at the bottom of the convection zone
Authors: V.V. Pipin, A.G. Kosovichev

Extended Scaling Laws in Numerical Simulations of MHD Turbulence
Authors: Joanne Mason, Jean Carlos Perez, Fausto Cattaneo, Stanislav Boldyrev

Previous Meeting 11-04-11

Paradoxes of magnetorotational instability and their geometrical resolution
Authors: Oleg N. Kirillov, Frank Stefani

Polar Field Puzzle: Solutions from Flux-Transport Dynamo and Surface Transport Models
Authors: Mausumi Dikpati

Intermittent heating in the solar corona employing a 3D MHD model
Authors: Sven Bingert, Hardi Peter

Previous Meeting 04-04-11

Comparing Numerical Methods for Isothermal Magnetized Supersonic Turbulence
Authors: Alexei G. Kritsuk, Aake Nordlund, David Collins, Paolo Padoan, Michael L. Norman, Tom Abel, Robi Banerjee, Christoph Federrath, Mario Flock, Dongwook Lee, Pak Shing Li, Wolf-Christian Mueller, Romain Teyssier, Sergey D. Ustyugov, Christian Vogel, Hao Xu

Dimming of the 17th Century Sun
Authors: Peter Foukal, Ada Ortiz, Roald Schnerr

First detection of linear polarization in the line profiles of active cool stars
Authors: O. Kochukhov, V. Makaganiuk, N. Piskunov, F. Snik, S.V. Jeffers, C.M. Johns-Krull, C.U. Keller, M. Rodenhuis, J.A. Valenti

Gross-Pitaevskii model of pulsar glitches
Authors: L. Warszawski, A. Melatos

Previous Meeting 28-03-11

3D MHD Flux Emergence Experiments: Idealized models and coronal interactions' ''
Authors: A. W. Hood, V. Archontis, D. MacTaggart

Scaling of Nusselt number and large-scale fields in Rayleigh-Bénard convection
Authors: Mahendra K. Verma, Ambrish Pandey, Supriyo Paul, Pankaj K. Mishra

Time--Distance Helioseismology Data Analysis Pipeline for Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager onboard Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO/HMI) and Its Initial Results
Authors: J. Zhao, S. Couvidat, R.S. Bogart, K.V. Parchevsky, A.C. Birch, T.L. Duvall, J.G. Beck, A.G. Kosovichev, P.H. Scherrer

Why the sunspot cycle is double peaked'''
Authors: Katya Georgieva

Previous Meeting 21-03-11

MHD Dynamos and Turbulence
Authors: Steven M. Tobias, Fausto Cattaneo, Stanislav Boldyrev

A test of time-dependent theories of stellar convection
Authors: T. Gastine, B. Dintrans

Dynamical constraints from field line topology in magnetic flux tubes
Authors: A. R. Yeates, G. Hornig

Previous Meeting 14-03-11

The Sun's Shallow Meridional Circulation
Authors: David H. Hathaway

The unusual minimum of sunspot cycle 23 caused by meridional plasma flow variations
Authors: D. Nandy, A. Muñoz-Jaramillo, P. C. H. Martens

Previous Meeting 07-03-11

The alpha-effect in rotating convection: a comparison of numerical simulations
Authors: D.W. Hughes, M.R.E. Proctor, F. Cattaneo

Excitation of Slow-Modes in Network Magnetic Elements Through Magnetic Pumping
Authors: Yoshiaki Kato, Oskar Steiner, Matthias Steffen, Yoshinori Suematsu

Magnetorotational turbulence transports angular momentum in stratified disks with low magnetic Prandtl number but magnetic Reynolds number above a critical value
Authors: Jeffrey S. Oishi, Mordecai-Mark Mac Low

Previous Meeting 28-02-11

Detection of Jet-like Radio Emission Associated to Geminga
Authors: A. Pellizzoni, F. Govoni, P. Esposito, M. Murgia, A. Possenti

Previous Meeting 21-02-11

The Cosmic Core-collapse Supernova Rate does not match the Massive-Star Formation Rate
Authors: Shunsaku Horiuchi, et al.

Previous Meeting 07-02-11

A more realistic representation of overshoot at the base of the solar convective envelope as seen by helioseismology
Authors: Christensen-Dalsgaard, J., Monteiro, M., Rempel, M., Thompson, M. J.,

Magnetic flux generation and transport in cool stars
Authors: Emre I??k, Dieter Schmitt, Manfred Schüssler

Previous Meeting 31-01-11

The differential rotation of G dwarfs
Authors: M. Küker, G.Rüdiger, L.L. Kitchatinov

Magnetic dynamo action in random flows with zero and finite correlation times
Authors: Joanne Mason, Leonid Malyshkin, Stanislav Boldyrev, Fausto Cattaneo

Exposing the Gas Braking Mechanism of the beta Pictoris Disk
Authors: Alexis Brandeker

Previous Meeting 24-01-11

Lithium abundances and extra mixing processes in evolved stars of M67
Authors: B. L. Canto Martins (UFRN/DFTE, GRAAL), A. Lèbre (GRAAL), A. Palacios (GRAAL), P. de Laverny (OCA), O. Richard (GRAAL), C. H. F. Melo (ESO), J. D. do Nascimento Jr (UFRN/DFTE), J. R. De Medeiros (UFRN/DFTE)

Modelling Circumbinary Gas Flows in Close T Tauri Binaries
Authors: M. de Val-Borro, G. F. Gahm, H. C. Stempels, A. Pepli?ski

Alleviation of catastrophic quenching in solar dynamo model with nonlocal alpha-effect
Authors: L.L. Kitchatinov, S.V. Olemskoy

3D structure of the outer atmosphere: combining models and observations
Authors: Stephane Regnier

Previous Meeting 17-01-11

The baroclinic instability in the context of layered accretion. Self-sustained vortices and their magnetic stability in local compressible unstratified models of protoplanetary disks
Authors: W. Lyra, H. Klahr

Oscillatory dynamos and their induction mechanisms
Authors: M. Schrinner, L. Petitdemange, E. Dormy

Hunting for giant cells in deep stellar convective zones using wavelet analysis
Authors: Nicolas Bessolaz, Allan Sacha Brun

Penumbral fine structure and driving mechanisms of large-scale flows in simulated sunspots
Authors: Matthias Rempel

Previous Meeting 10-01-11

Helicity transport in a simulated coronal mass ejection
Authors: B. Kliem, S. Rust, N. Seehafer

Helicity and alpha-effect by current-driven instabilities of helical magnetic fields
Authors: M. Gellert, G. Ruediger, R. Hollerbach

Fermi/GBM observations of the ultra-long GRB 091024: A burst with an optical flash
Authors: D.Gruber et al.

Previous Meeting 06-12-10

Supernova 2008bk and Its Red Supergiant Progenitor
Authors: Schuyler D. Van Dyk et al.

The Disappearance of the Red Supergiant Progenitor of Supernova 2008bk
Authors: Seppo Mattila, Stephen Smartt, Justyn Maund, Stefano Benetti, Mattias Ergon

Previous Meeting 29-11-10

Non-stationary dynamo & magnetospheric accretion processes of the classical T Tauri star V2129 Oph
Authors: JF Donati, J Bouvier, FM Walter, SG Gregory, MB Skelly, GAJ Hussain, E Flaccomio, C Argiroffi, KN Grankin, MM Jardine, F Menard, C Dougados, MM Romanova, the MaPP collaboration

Previous Meeting 22-11-10

Exoplanet-atmospheres at high spectral resolution: A CRIRES survey of hot-Jupiters
Authors: Ignas Snellen, Remco de Kok, Ernst de Mooij, Matteo Brogi, Bas Nefs, Simon Albrecht

The subsurface-shear shaped solar $\alpha\Omega$ dynamo
Authors: V.V. Pipin, A.G. Kosovichev

Previous Meeting 15-11-10

Magnetic dynamo action at low magnetic Prandtl numbers
Authors: Leonid M. Malyshkin, Stanislav Boldyrev

The Spectral Slope and Kolmogorov Constant of MHD turbulence
Author: Andrey Beresnyak

Magnetic fields of Ap stars as a result of an instability
Authors: R. Arlt, G. Ruediger

Previous Meeting 08-11-10

Panspermia, Past and Present: Astrophysical and Biophysical Conditions for the Dissemination of Life in Space
Authors: Paul S. Wesson

Previous Meeting 01-11-10

Shapiro delay measurement of a two solar mass neutron star
Authors: Paul Demorest, Tim Pennucci, Scott Ransom, Mallory Roberts, Jason Hessels

Previous Meeting 18-10-10

The Lick-Carnegie Exoplanet Survey: A 3.1 M_Earth Planet in the Habitable Zone of the Nearby M3V Star Gliese 581
Authors: Steven S. Vogt, R. Paul Butler, Eugenio J. Rivera, Nader Haghighipour, Gregory W. Henry, Michael H. Williamson

Previous Meeting 11-10-10

Theoretical Support for the Hydrodynamic Mechanism of Pulsar Kicks
Authors: Nordhaus, J.; Brandt, T. D.; Burrows, A.; Livne, E.; Ott, C. D.

Hydrodynamical Neutron Star Kicks in Three Dimensions
Authors: Wongwathanarat, A.; Janka, H. -Th.; Mueller, E.

Previous Meeting 04-10-10

Can Gamma-Ray Burst Jets Break Out the First Stars?
Authors:Yudai Suwa, Kunihito Ioka

On the Stability of Non Force-Free Equilibria in Stars
Authors:V. Duez, J. Braithwaite, S. Mathis

Previous Meeting 27-09-10

An assessment of the newest magnetar-SNR associations
Authors:J.E. Horvath (IAG-USP, Brazil), M.P. Allen (CEFET-SP, Brazil)

3D MHD simulations of subsurface convection in OB stars
Authors: Matteo Cantiello, Jonathan Braithwaite, Axel Brandenburg, Fabio Del Sordo, Petri Käpylä, Norbert Langer

Previous Meeting 17-09-10

Discovery of a tight correlation for gamma ray burst afterglows with `canonical' light curves
Authors: M. G. Dainotti, R. Willingale, S. Capozziello, V. F. Cardone, M. Ostrowski

Laboratory Simulation of Arched Magnetic Flux Rope Eruptions in the Solar Atmosphere
Authors: S. K. P. Tripathi and W. Gekelman
Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 075005 (2010)

Importance of Meridional Circulation in Flux Transport Dynamo: Possibility of Maunder-like Grand Minimum
Author: Bidya Binay Karak

Previous Meeting 09-09-10

Long-term Evolution of Sunspot Magnetic Fields
Authors: Matthew Penn, William Livingston

Electron-capture supernovae as the origin of elements beyond iron
Authors: Shinya Wanajo, Hans-Thomas Janka, Bernhard Mueller

Previous Meeting 03-09-10

On the average Gamma-Ray Burst X-ray flaring activity
Authors: R. Margutti, G. Bernardini, R. Barniol Duran, C. Guidorzi, R. F. Shen, G. Chincarini

Proto-Magnetars as GRB Central Engines: Uncertainties, Limitations, and Particulars
Authors: Todd A. Thompson, Brian D. Metzger, Niccolò Bucciantini

Spectral evolution of Fermi/GBM short Gamma-Ray Bursts
Authors: G. Ghirlanda , G. Ghisellini , L. Nava , D. Burlon

Previous Meeting 26-08-10

Alleviating alpha quenching by solar wind and meridional flow
Authors: Dhrubaditya Mitra, David Moss, Reza Tavakol, Axel Brandenburg

Magnetic Quenching of Turbulent Diffusivity: Reconciling Mixing-length Theory Estimates with Kinematic Dynamo Models of the Solar Cycle
Authors: Andres Munoz-Jaramillo, Dibyendu Nandy, Petrus C. H. Martens

Fermi LAT observations of cosmic-ray electrons from 7 GeV to 1 TeV
Authors: Fermi LAT collaboration

Previous Meeting 20-08-10

Lepto-Hadronic Origin of gamma-rays from the G54.1+0.3 Pulsar Wind Nebula
Authors: Hui Li (NJU), Yang Chen (NJU), Li Zhang (YNU)

Physical Origin of Differences among various Measures of Solar Meridional Circulation
Authors: Mausumi Dikpati, Peter A. Gilman, Roger K. Ulrich

Topological Constraints on Magnetic Relaxation
Authors: A. R. Yeates, G. Hornig, A. L. Wilmot-Smith

Previous Meeting 13-08-10

Mixing in Supersonic Turbulence
Authors: Liubin Pan, Evan Scannapieco

Solar rotation rate during cycle 24 minimum in activity
Authors: H. M. Antia, Sarbani Basu

Previous Meeting 06-08-10

A correlation between the highest energy cosmic rays and nearby active galactic nuclei detected by Fermi
Authors: Rodrigo S. Nemmen, Charles Bonatto, Thaisa Storchi-Bergmann

Previous Meeting 09-07-10

Nemesis Reconsidered
Authors: Adrian L. Melott (University of Kansas), Richard K. Bambach (Smithsonian Institution Museum of Natural History)

On the rotational behavior of parent stars of extrasolar planets
S. Alves, J.D. do Nascimento Jr., J.R. De Medeiros

Previous Meeting 02-07-10

The Host Galaxies of Gamma-Ray Bursts II: A Mass-Metallicity Relation for Long-Duration Gamma-Ray Burst Host Galaxies
Authors: Emily M. Levesque, Lisa J. Kewley, Edo Berger, H. Jabran Zahid

An asymmetric explosion as the origin of spectral evolution diversity in type Ia supernovae
Authors: K. Maeda et al.

Previous Meeting 18-06-10

The r-Process in Black Hole Winds
Authors: Shinya Wanajo (TUM/MPA), Hans-Thomas Janka (MPA)

Hypercritical accretion onto a magnetized neutron star surface: a numerical approach
Authors: Cristian Giovanny Bernal, William H. Lee, Dany Page (Instituto de Astronomia, UNAM)

Surface flux transport modeling for solar cycles 15--21: effects of cycle-dependent tilt angles of sunspot groups
Authors: R. H. Cameron, J. Jiang, D. Schmitt, M. Schüssler (MPS)

3 Jan 2017

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