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Computer software developed and maintained by Nordita

As part of their research, several Nordita scientists develop code, either original software or contributions to common software projects.


A global fitting code for generic Beyond the Standard Model theories, designed to allow fast and easy definition of new models, observables, likelihoods, scanners and backends physics codes.
Nordita developer: Anders Kvellestad


A Boltzmann code to predict cosmological observables (cosmic microwave background, large scale structure of the universe) for general dark energy models and alternative theories of gravity.
Nordita developer: Miguel Zumalacarregui

The Pencil-Code

A high-order finite-difference code for compressible hydrodynamic flows with magnetic fields.
Nordita developer: Axel Brandenburg &al

Software by developers that have left Nordita:


2D high-order finite difference code for GPU, implemented in CUDA C. 60x speed up compare to codes running on a single CPU core.
Nordita developer: Chi-kwan Chan


2D spectral Galerkin method for GPU, implemented in CUDA C. 20x speed up compare to single CPU core.
Nordita developer: Chi-kwan Chan


A code for axisymmetric equilibrium configurations of differentially rotating Neutron Stars with toroidal magnetic field.
Nordita developer: Niccolo' Bucciantini

3 Jan 2017

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