Winter School on dynamos

Information about the arrival will be sent yo you via email shortly.

Plan for the Tour around the buildings.

Lectures in temporal order

Since the teaching term has already started, and since we won't fit into the Nordita seminar room as originally planned, we'll use a selection of according to a detailed Lecture Rooms Schedule; see also our general information about the various lecture halls at AlbaNova.

On this page we will list in more detail the content of the various lectures. In parenthesis we also give the time the lectures will be available. You are encouraged to use this opportunity to talk and discuss with them.

  • Piyali Chatterjee (Nordita, all days): Solar dynamo cycle predictions
  • Cary Forest (Wisconsin, 12-15 Jan): The Wisconsin dynamo experiments and simulations
  • Chris Jones (Leeds, 10-20 Jan): Challenges in simulating the geodynamo
  • Maarit Korpi (Helsinki, all days): Simulations of dynamos in compressible flows
  • Jean-François Pinton (Lyon: 17-23 Jan): The Cadarache dynamo experiment
  • Karl-Heinz Rädler (Potsdam: 10 Jan - 14 Feb): Mean-field dynamo theory
  • Anvar Shukurov (Newcastle, all days): Dynamos on galactic scales, or Dynamos around us
  • Kandaswamy Subramanian (Pune, 10-22 Jan): Magnetic helicity evolution in dynamos
  • Agris Gailitis (Riga, all days): Liquid sodium experiments

  • Lecture room schedule:

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