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Lectures in temporal order

Monday, Week 1
Karl-Heinz Rädler: Electrodynamics of conducting moving matter
Kandaswamy Subramanian: Basics of MHD and magnetic helicity
Chris Jones: Physical conditions inside planetary interiors
Seminars: Simon Candelaresi and Nishant Singh: topological aspects of MHD
Seminars: Petri Kapyla: convective dynamos

Tuesday, Week 1
Karl-Heinz Rädler: Mean-field electrodynamics
Chris Jones: Convection-driven spherical shell numerical dynamos with rapid rotation
Anvar Shukurov: Introduction to galactic astrophysics
Groups sessions with Rädler, Subramanian, Jones, Shukurov

Wednesday, Week 1
Karl-Heinz Rädler: Mean-field magnetofluiddynamics
Anvar Shukurov: Introduction to galactic astrophysics
Kandaswamy Subramanian: Magnetic helicity (I)
%Anvar Shukurov: Interstellar and intergalactic magnetic fields
SEMINAR: Christine Davies (Leeds): The electromotive force generated by the magnetic buoyancy instability
SEMINAR: Katy Richardson (Cambridge): Effects of alpha effect fluctuations on simple nonlinear dynamo models
SEMINAR: Nadezhda Zolotova: North-South asymmetry in sunspot statistics

Thursday, Week 1
Piyali Chatterjee: Flux transport dynamos and conveyer belt mechanism
Kandaswamy Subramanian: Magnetic helicity (I)
Anvar Shukurov: Interstellar and intergalactic magnetic fields
Groups sessions with Subramanian, Radler, Shukurov, Chatterjee

Friday, Week 1
Piyali Chatterjee: Prediction of solar cycle using flux transport dynamos
Kandaswamy Subramanian: Magnetic helicity (II)
Agris Gailitis: Liquid sodium experiments

Monday, Week 2
Maarit Korpi/Axel Brandenburg: Simulations of dynamos in compressible flows - General and numerical considerations
Jean-François Pinton: Introduction to experiments
Anvar Shukurov: Analytical perturbation solution for the mean-field disc dynamos
Chris Jones: Convection and magnetoconvection in rapidly rotating systems
Groups sessions with Pinton, Gailitis, Jones, Brandenburg

Tuesday, Week 2
Maarit Korpi/Anvar Shukurov: Simulations of dynamos in compressible flows - Galactic applications
Jean-François Pinton: Induction processes, experiments - Differential rotation and small scale aspects
Chris Jones: Dipole generation and subcritical behaviour in the Geodynamo
Fred Gent: Supernova-driven turbulence
Dário Passos: A low-order dynamo model
Helen Popova: The effect of meridional circulation on the dynamo wave
Andrew Baggaley: Reconnecting flux-rope dynamo

Wednesday, Week 2
Maarit Korpi/Petri Kapyla: Convection
Jean-François Pinton: Numerical simulations - An iterative procedure for low Rm; Taylor-Green simulations
Matthias Rheinhardt: Test-field method for turbulent transport coefficients
Groups sessions with Kapyla, Pinton, Pinton, Rheinhardt

Thursday, Week 2
Oliver Gressel: Dynamos in supernova-driven turbulence
Jean-François Pinton: Dynamo observations I: The Bullard-von Karman experiment - Self-generation in the VKS2 experiment
Anvar Shukurov: Small-scale turbulent dynamos in application to galaxy clusters
Student Seminars: 
Katarzyna Kulpa-Dybel and Hubert Siejkowski: Cosmic-ray driven dynamo - applications
Stefano Markidis: Kinetic Simulations of Plasmas with Applications to the Dynamo Theory
Julian Mak: Introduction to MHD shallow water theory

Friday, Week 2
Maarit Korpi: Convection
Jean-François Pinton: Dynamo observations II: Dynamical regimes of the VKS 2 dynamos - Low dimensional features
Karl-Heinz Rädler: Mean-field aspects of the Karlsruhe dynamo experiment

Lectures (preliminary)

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Group sessions: teachers talk with students in small groups
Grp1: Radler, Subramanian, Jones, Forest, + volunteers
Grp2: Forest, Radler, Shukurov, Chatterjee, + volunteers
Grp3: Chatterjee, Subramanian, Gailitis, Jones, + volunteers
Grp4: Korpi, Pinton, Shukurov, Rheinhardt, + volunteers

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