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Weekly routine (see Nordita list and schedule)

  • Tuesdays 13:15 OKC colloquium [OKC] 15:00 The Virtual Nordic Dynamo Seminar [940-229-961];
  • Wednesdays 13:30 Nordita Astrophysics Seminar [530-682-073], News & Views
  • Thursdays 11:00 Cosmology Journal Club 15:00 AlbaNova/Nordita Colloquium
  • Fridays 10:30 Astronomy seminar [old], 15:00 Astrobiology seminar (sometimes, often in geo) [641-599-5185];

    Local data bases and important links

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  • bookings: KTH TimeEdit, SU TimeEdit.
  • Addresses of Nordic Physics Institutes, list of alumni
  • Computing, computing tips (internal information), Pencil Code, TurboPart project. PlasmaBox.
  • Solar/stellar: Solar News, Solar physics e-print archive, Space Inn, HelicityAstroPlas, TASOC
  • SKA: SKA/Lofar mailing list,
  • SwAN: Home, Members.
  • SwAN: ReachMee, Trip, Primula,

    Meetings/Conferences (previous meetings)

  • 21-25 August 2023 Dynamics of Solar and Stellar Convection Zones and Atmospheres (Yerevan)
  • 28-31 August 2023 Primordial Magnetic Fields Workshop (Leiden)
  • 9 Oct - 3 Nov 2023 Stellar magnetic fields from protostars to supernovae (Munich)
  • 8 Jan - 15 Mar 2024 Turbulence in Astrophysical Environments (Santa Barbara)

    Other links

  • How to get here
  • The Institute for Solar Physics
  • Getting and installing idl, license monitor, old license monitor 2
  • Getting and preparing streaming videos at Nordita
  • The International Astronomy Meetings List
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    Reference material

  • H.K. Moffatt: all papers Papers by Steenbeck, Krause, Rädler: english translation by Roberts & Stix,
  • Raedler69, Krause-Radler-71, Roberts+Soward75, Moffatt78, Krause-Raedler-Book-80, Ruediger82, Molokov_Moreau_ea_2007
  • Seinfeld_2ed, Interdisciplinary_asp_Turbulence, Zilitinkevich_etal13 Fauve_etal91,
  • Childress & Gilbert 1995: Stretch-twist-fold

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