This page gives links to a small selection of scanned documents written by Matthias Steffen and Axel Brandenburg during the years 1973-1975 describing their rocket launches.

Highlights of this project include the launch of a 2-staged rocket Zirkon 1 (pictured on the left), which reached an altitude of 600 meters. The first stage consisted of 3 booster rockets. Separation occurred at about 300 meters. The description of the launch of Zirkon1, as well as those of all other events, is in German. [photo]

Another highlight is the launch of a mini camera as payload. There are documents describing the launch of Observer2 and Observer3 (see also negatives). There are detailed plans of the camera (Fotosonde).

An example of an earlier flight with test payload is Tropopause20.

Additional documents describe the production stage, the Triebwerkbau and Triebwerkbau2. There is also a detailed LogBook, a catalogue together with a success_curve, as well as Fotos_Part1, Fotos_Part2, and Fotos_Part3.

On Thursday, April 4, 2019, Matthias presented the RAFLAM story to the participants of the symposium on Turbulence & magnetic fields - from the early universe to late-type stars.

1972-2022 50 Jahre RAFLAM

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