Pencil Code Workshop (26-28 June 2005, Aud B)

The latest news (26 June 18:30)

The eos branch is closed; the main trunk is updated with the latest improvements; the public repository is still currently not updated until we are certain.

Pencil code hot line: +45 2624 0650 (during merging procedure)

Discussion about merging strategy
List of initial collisions during merging processure
Tony's Wiki pages
Tobi's Blog pages


The cvs repository has an extra branch (cvs up -r eos). Around 26 June 2005 we plan to incorporate many of the feature of the eos branch into the main trunk. This is done in connection with the Pencil Code Development workshop. During that time the public repository will not be updated until we are sure it is fit for public consumption.

Sunday (26 June):

10:00 Coffee
11:00Antony J Mee The EOS Branch: A Brief History
12:00Anders Johansen Pencilation - a module-oriented approach to derived variables
13:00Pizza lunch
14:00 (everybody)Pre-merger tag on main trunk was set.
Removing collisions (in parallel).
17:00(everybody)Skype conference switch to Wolfgang (=9:00 his local time)
18:00(everybody)All collisions removed, auto-test compiles and works
18:30BBQ in the park

Monday (27 June): scheduled informal talks (with coffee in between)

10:00 Axel Brandenburg  The Pencil Code as a high performance tool box: examples [PowerPoint]
10:30Tobi Heinemann Using the EOS on the main trunk
11:00Antony J Mee The interstellar module
11:30Anders Johansen Putting particles in the Pencil Code

Tuesday (28 June)

Discussion and working on the code. One of the outcomes of this was to install Bugzilla for the Pencil Code. We should also start using more actively the following two lists:
  • The Pencilcode-announce Archive
  • The Pencilcode-discuss Archive

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