Accretion disc (shearing box, paper with Dintrans)

Planetesimals (shearing box)

Outflows from dynamo active disc

Inverse cascade (period box simulations), with shear, with "corona", WxJ effect, shear flow dynamos

Archontis flow and Yoshizawa effect, i.e. no-cosine flow and cross-helicity effect

Stratified MHD turbulence

Magnetically forced and decaying turbulence

Fisher Equation, Gray_Scott, aerosols

Nonhelical MHD shear flow in tall boxes

Helical turbulence with a gradient; Helical turbulence with imposed field

Nonhelical hydromagnetic turbulence, gaussian potential forcing, thermal instability

Pure hydro turbulence (nonhelical)

Bell turbulence

Passive scalar, particles

Homochirality, hypercycles

Radiation-magnetoconvection, conv-slab/chit, conv-slab/Andreas, subsurface

Fully convective stars

Geodynamo (tests)

ISM (tests)

MRIexp (tests)

Taylor-Couette flows

shockdiss (paper with Gustafsson et al.)

Shear-driven buoyancy oscillations (paper with Violaine Auger)


Nils Haugen's movies

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