Helical hydromagnetic with imposed field

medium initial field: B0=0.06, alpimp512e, 5123 AVI (2.4M), mpeg (950k)

stronger initial field: B0=0.10, alpimp512e, 5123 AVI (2.2M), mpeg (880k)

Same, with imposed field B0=0.1, and with forcing wavenumber kf=1.5

uz, 5123 AVI (4.7M), mpeg (2.0M)

bz, 5123 AVI (4.0M), mpeg (1.8M)

Imposed field B0=0.03, with forcing wavenumber kf=1.5

bz, 5123 AVI/mpeg (5.2M), uz, 5123 AVI/mpeg (6.3M)

bz, 5123 AVI/mpeg (2.6M), uz, 5123 AVI/mpeg (5.1M)

  • Original paper:
    Brandenburg, A., & Subramanian, K.: 2005, ``Minimal tau approximation and simulations of the alpha effect,'' Astron. Astrophys. 439, 835-843 (astro-ph/0504222, ADS, PDF)

  • Review:
    Brandenburg, A., & Subramanian, K.: 2005, ``Astrophysical magnetic fields and nonlinear dynamo theory,'' Phys. Rep. 417, 1-209 (astro-ph/0405052, ADS, PDF)
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