Brandenburg, A., Andersen, A. C., Höfner, S., & Nilsson, M.: 2005, ``Homochiral growth through enantiomeric cross-inhibition,'' Orig. Life Evol. Biosph. (in press) (q-bio/0401036)

Brandenburg, A., & Multamäki, T.: 2004, ``How long can left and right handed life forms coexist?'' Int. J. Astrobiol. 3, 209-219 (q-bio/0407008, ADS, PDF)


pure Ln chain, no cross-inhibition AVI (340k)

Ln chain with cross-inhibition AVI (314k)

instability of racemic solution AVI (986k)

Diffusion-reaction in 1-D

with chain of 10 monomers AVI (2.0M)

Diffusion-reaction in 2-D

with reduced model. First part (slower) AVI (3.2M), whole run (faster) AVI (3.5M),

animation of A(1-A2)/(1+A2), with 2562 meshpoints AVI (3.3M), mpeg (1.6M)

Diffusion-reaction in 3-D

w/o turbulence: 2563 AVI (1.7M), mpeg (836k)

w/ turbulence: 2563 AVI (5.1M), mpeg (2.6M)

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