Nonhelical hydromagnetic dynamo (Pm=0.01)

5123 results for Bz: 512_Pm001a_bz.mpg, and Uz: 512_Pm001a_uz.mpg and 512_Pm001a_uz2.mpg.

5123 decay run for Bz: 512_Pm002a_1em1_bz.mpg, and Uz: 512_Pm002a_1em1_uz.mpg.

For more information see the current draft.

Nonhelical hydromagnetic dynamo (Pm=1)

Saturated state: nohel2_128b.mpg, or nohel2_128b.avi.

Evolution of energy spectra for 5123 meshpoints: avi [1.5M]

B-vectors above threshold; for 5123 meshpoints: avi [5.4M]

Nonhelical large Pm dynamo running into saturation

Spectra with Pm=50, 1283 meshpoints: with earlier part: mpg, or avi; only last part: mpg, or avi.

Spectra with Pm=50, 5123 meshpoints: mpg [3.6M]

Visualization of velocity uz: mpg (6.0M), or avi (11M).

Visualization of magnetic field bz: mpg (6.5M), or avi (10M).

magnetic field bz (color table oversaturated): mpg (10M), or avi (11M).

magnetic field bz (late times): mpg (1.3M), or avi (1.7M); last fig: png (80k).

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