Run directories related to some past research projects

Isotropic homogeneous MHD turbulence

  • Hydrodynamic and hydromagnetic energy spectra from large eddy simulations
  • Inverse transfer in non-helical MHD
  • Classes of hydrodynamic and MHD decay
  • The turbulent chiral - magnetic cascade in the early universe
  • Dynamo effect in decaying helical turbulence
  • Magnetic helicity dissipation in an ideal MHD code
  • Scaling of the Hosking integral in decaying magnetically-dominated turbulence
  • Batchelor, Saffman, and Kazantsev spectra in galactic small-scale dynamos
  • Dissipative magnetic structures and scales in small-scale dynamos
  • Hosking integral in nonhelical Hall cascade

    Relic Gravitational waves

  • Numerical simulations of gravitational waves from early-universe turbulence
  • Circular polarization of gravitational waves from early-universe helical turbulence
  • Gravitational waves from the chiral magnetic effect
  • Can we observe the QCD phase transition-generated gravitational waves through pulsar timing arrays?
  • Spectrum of turbulence-sourced gravitational waves as a constraint on graviton mass
  • Simulating relic gravitational waves from inflationary magnetogenesis
  • Simulations of helical inflationary magnetogenesis and gravitational waves
  • Leading-order nonlinear gravitational waves from reheating magnetogeneses
  • Big bang nucleosynthesis limits and relic gravitational waves detection prospects
  • Low frequency tail of gravitational wave spectra from hydromagnetic turbulence
  • Modified propagatino of gravitational waves from the early radiation era
  • Galaxy & interstellar medium: cooling instability, potential turbulence

  • Hemispheric handedness in the Galactic synchrotron polarization foreground
  • Application of a helicity proxy to edge-on galaxies
  • Random expansion waves
  • Spectral characterisation of inertial particle clustering in turbulence
  • Supersonic turbulence
  • Thermal instability
  • Dynamo effect in unstirred self-gravitating turbulence
  • Galactic Dynamos

    Convection, ionization, radiation, & mixing

  • Cartesian convection with Kramers opacicty
  • 1-D simulations with hydrogen ionization
  • The time step constraint in radiation hydrodynamics
  • Turbulent front speed in the Fisher equation: dependence on Damköhler number
  • Turbulent radiative diffusion and turbulent Newtonian cooling

    Two-scale method of measuring magnetic helicity

  • Large-scale helicity spectra
  • Working directory for helicityastroplas


  • Coagulation & condensation in turbulent flows
  • Effect of turbulence on collisional growth of cloud droplets
  • Cloud droplet growth due to supersaturation fluctuations in stratiform clouds
  • Collision fluctuations of lucky droplets with superdroplets


  • Test-field method for computing dynamo coefficients
  • Magnetic quenching of alpha and diffusivity tensors in helical turbulence
  • Fully compressible test-field method and its application to shear dynamos
  • Modeling spatio-temporal nonlocality in mean-field dynamos
  • Strong nonlocality variations in a spherical mean-field dynamo
  • The effect of a dynamo-generated field on the Parker wind
  • Optimal Dynamos
  • Kinetic Dynamo


  • Magnetohydrodynamics predicts heavy-tailed distributions of axion-photon conversion
  • Spreading layer on neutron stars
  • Hall cascade with fractional magnetic helicity in neutron star crusts
  • Negative effective magnetic pressure instability
  • Surface flux concentrations in a spherical α2 dynamo
  • Detonation

    Other data

  • Spectral magnetic helicity of solar active regions between 2006 and 2017
  • COVID-19

    Axel Brandenburg
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