Piecewise quadratic growth during the 2019 novel coronavirus epidemic

by Axel Brandenburg

Run directories:

  • Fig. 8: μ=0 run, μ=0.005 run,
  • Fig. 9: I2=10-60, I2=10-180, I2=10-300,
  • Fig. 10: μ=0 run, μ=0.0002 run, μ=0.001 run, μ=0.005 run, μ=0.02 run, μ=0.01 run,
  • Fig. 11: κ=5×10-7, κ=10-6, κ=2×10-6, κ=5×10-6,
  • Fig.1-2 of the document ``Late quadratic growth of COVID-19''

    Plot directories:

  • Figs.1-7 use p4.pro, p3.pro, pfit_log_early.pro, pfit_sqr_early.pro, pfit_log_late.pro, pfit_sqr_late.pro, and psketch.pro from paper_idl,
  • Fig.8-11 use psav.pro, pcomp.pro, pcompk.pro, and pcomp_kappa.pro from run_idl,

    Description: readme.txt.

    Latest figure: p3ext.pdf.


    Brandenburg, A.: 2020, ``Piecewise quadratic growth during the 2019 novel coronavirus epidemic,'' Infectious Disease Modelling 5, 681-690 (arXiv:2002.03638, ADS, DOI, HTML, PDF)

    Talk: COVID19 (2019-nCoV VVoIP_Theoretical_Geography_Debates: Debate 3.7, April 24, 2020) [pdf, YouTube]

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    Axel Brandenburg
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