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by A. Roper Pol, S. Mandal, A. Brandenburg, T. Kahniashvili, & A. Kosowsky

Run directories (cf. Table 1 of paper):

  • Run ini1
  • Run ini2
  • Run ini3
  • Run hel1
  • Run hel2
  • Run hel3
  • Run hel4
  • Run noh1
  • Run noh2
  • Run ac1
  • Run ac2
  • Run ac3

    The run directories contain unformatted idl save files; see idl.

    Description: readme.txt.


    Roper Pol, A., Mandal, S., Brandenburg, A., Kahniashvili, T., & Kosowsky, A.: 2019, ``Numerical Simulations of Gravitational Waves from Early-Universe Turbulence,'' Phys. Rev. D, submitted (arXiv:1903.08585, HTML)

    Roper Pol, A., Brandenburg, A., Kahniashvili, T., Kosowsky, A., Mandal, S.: 2020, ``The timestep constraint in solving the gravitational wave equations sourced by hydromagnetic turbulence,'' Geophys. Astrophys. Fluid Dyn. 114, 130-161 (arXiv:1807.05479, ADS, HTML, DOI, PDF)

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