Hemispheric handedness in the Galactic synchrotron polarization foreground

by Axel Brandenburg & Marcus Brüggen

Data directories:

  • Table 1 (μ=K): Kband_E_7x17.txt, Kband_B_7x17.txt.
  • Table 1 (μ=Q): Qband_E_7x17.txt, Qband_B_7x17.txt. reading sample (rband.pro)
  • Table 1 (μ=A): Model_8kpc_E_7x17.txt, Model_8kpc_B_7x17.txt, reading sample (rmodel.pro)
  • Table 1 (μ=B): Model_3kpc_E_7x17.txt, Model_3kpc_B_7x17.txt, reading sample (rmodel.pro)
  • Table 1 (μ=C): Model_neg_E_7x17.txt, Model_neg_B_7x17.txt, reading sample (rmodel.pro)
  • Table 1 (μ=D): Model_negOm8kpc_E_7x17.txt, Model_negOm8kpc_B_7x17.txt, reading sample (rmodel.pro)

    Description: readme.txt.


    Brandenburg, A., & Brüggen, M.: 2020, ``Hemispheric handedness in the Galactic synchrotron polarization foreground,'' Astrophys. J., submitted (arXiv:2003.14178, ADS, HTML, PDF)

    Brandenburg, A., & Furuya, R. S.: 2020, ``Application of a helicity proxy to edge-on galaxies,'' Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., submitted (arXiv:2003.07284, ADS, HTML, PDF)

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    Axel Brandenburg
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