Modeling spatio-temporal nonlocality in mean-field dynamos

by Matthias Rheinhardt & Axel Brandenburg

Run and plot directories:

Fig. 1 uses: from testfield_time_idl with idl save files map.sav in the directories:
  • Run A (summary_c.dat) with directories: to64rc_k1, to64rc_k2, to64rc_k3.
  • Run B (summary_b.dat) with directories: to64rb_k1, to64rb_k2, to64rb_k3,
  • Run C (summary_d.dat) with directories: to64rd_k1, to64rd_k2, to64rd_k3,

    Fig. 2 uses: from alpha_dedt_dt.

    Fig. 3 uses: from run_idl with idl save files map.sav in the directories:
  • bc32_tau1_mu1g (Cα=5.155, t0=1028.46, ω=1.64),
  • bc32_tau1_mu1e (Cα=2.762, t0=1215.41, ω=0.88),
  • bc32_tau1_mu1b (Cα=2.835, t0=1824.12, ω=0.86),
  • bc32_tau1_mu1d (Cα=5.297, t0=1401.71, ω=0.64),
  • bc32_tau1_mu1h (Cα=8.120, t0=1780.56, ω=0.58),

    Description: readme.txt.



    Rheinhardt, M., & Brandenburg, A.: 2012, ``Modeling spatio-temporal nonlocality in mean-field dynamos,'' Astron. Nachr. 333, 71-77 (arXiv:1110.2891, ADS, DOI, HTML, PDF)

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