Turbulent radiative diffusion and turbulent Newtonian cooling

by Axel Brandenburg & Upasana Das

Run directories:

  • Series A': decay_1em2.dat
  • Series A: decay_1em3.dat; sample directories: 256g_2e2, 256g_2e3, 256g_2e4,
  • Series B: decay_1em2_k1.dat,
  • Series C: decay_1em3_k3.dat; sample directories: k3_256g_1e1, k3_256g_1e3, k3_256g_1e5.
  • Series D: decay_1em3_k6.dat.

    Plot directories:

  • Figs. 1, 3, 4 use: pdecay_comp0.pro, pdecay_comp_rescaled.pro, pdecay_comp.pro from run_idl,
  • Fig. 5: presults.pro from paper_idl,
  • Fig. 6: p32d_mixing.pro from Fig6 (and other secondary data from BSV09).

    Description: readme.txt.


    Brandenburg, A., & Das, U.: 2020, ``Turbulent radiative diffusion and turbulent Newtonian cooling,'' Phys. Fluids, to be submitted (HTML)

    Brandenburg, A., & Das, U.: 2020, Datasets for ``Turbulent radiative diffusion and turbulent Newtonian cooling,'' v2020.10.13b. DOI:10.5281/zenodo.4086046 (HTML, HTML, DOI)

    Brandenburg, A., Svedin, A., & Vasil, G. M.: 2009, ``Turbulent diffusion with rotation or magnetic fields,'' Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. 395, 1599-1606 (arXiv:0901.2112, ADS, DOI, PDF)

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    Axel Brandenburg
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