Thermal instability in shearing and periodic turbulence

by A. Brandenburg, M. J. Korpi, and A. J. Mee

  • When ρ = 1-5 x 10-24 g cm-3, the system is unstable and segregates into cool and warm phases.
  • Cool patches tend to coalesce into bigger ones.
  • In agreement with earlier results, no sustained turbulence is found.
  • Dissipation rates rates are comparable to the thermal energy input rate.


  • Brandenburg, A., Korpi, M. J., & Mee, A. J.: 2007, ``Thermal instability in shearing and periodic turbulence,'' Astrophys. J. 654, 945-954 (astro-ph/0604244, ADS, DOI, HTML, PDF)
  • Gustafsson, M., Brandenburg, A., Lemaire, J. L., & Field, D.: 2006, ``The nature of turbulence in OMC1 at the star forming scale: observations and simulations,'' Astron. Astrophys. 454, 815-825 (astro-ph/0512214, ADS, HTML, PDF)

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