Boundary layer on the surface of a neutron star

by Natalia Babkovskaia, Axel Brandenburg, & Juri Poutanen

  • attempt to model the accretion onto a neutron star in low-mass X-ray binaries
  • two-dimensional hydrodynamical models of gas flow close to stellar surface
  • to get stationary solution, the star most probably has to rotate with considerable velocity


  • Babkovskaia, N., Brandenburg, A., & Poutanen, J.: 2008, ``Boundary layer on the surface of a neutron star,'' Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. 386, 1038-1044 (arXiv:0802.1663, ADS, PDF)
  • Inogamov, N. A.; Sunyaev, R. A.: 2010, ``Spread of matter over a neutron-star surface during disk accretion: Deceleration of rapid rotation,''Astron. Lett.36, 848-894 (ADS, PDF)

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