How to get here

Unless you need a taxi (445 SEK to the city or to Nordita, and 475 SEK back), take the Flygbussarna (every 10 min, 95 SEK one way, 175 SEK return ticket), get off at Haga Forum (formerly Hagaterminalen; see the map), which is a 32 min drive; ask the driver to be sure you don't miss the stop) and follow the map (or the annotated map) to Roslagstull. Walk by the "Engelska Skolan Norr" up the road (Roslagstullbacken) to Roslagstullbacken 23 (Nordita building). Instead of walking on the main street, you could also walk over the hill via Bellevuevagen. Familiarize yourself with the look of our Building.

If you come by train, you can take the T-bana till Tekniska Högskolan, which is 10 min south of here.

  • Stockholm University campus map (pdf): Near the bottom-right you see the slightly curved building: this is the AlbaNova main builiding (it says 21 on the map). Our building is just to the right (number 23).

  • Nordita Travel Schedule (to see who is away and when)
  • KTH Campus Map
  • Interactive Map (ENIRO)
  • ResPlus (train+bus schedules)
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