Practical tips
  • For the official (but somewhat incomplete) Nordita help pages, click here. See especially here.
  • For immediate computer problems, call Askell Kjerulf, Phone: 08-5537 8428, Room: C5:3017, E-mail:
  • For letters written in LaTeX, you may want to use the Nordita letter head. Here is what you need.
  • The new Nordita The network address of the printer is When installing the printer, you choose HP Color Laserjet." Multifunction printer:
  • Q: I don't know how to register. On the web site there is just a mail address to A: On the upper-right corner is the login button. Click this, and follow the relevant path: if you don't have an account, you can create an Indico by clicking "If you don't have an account, you can create an Indico one here".
  • Web page for the AlbaNova MailMan main page. (Find your relevant mailing list from there.)
  • New travel schedule: Who is where?
  • Schedule for the next blasts at AlbaNova.
  • PDC at KTH: Ferlin, Lenngren, Lucidor, Lindgren, Beskow.
  • Gothenburg: Hebbe.
  • Linköping: Triolith.
  • Umeå Akka, Akka2, Abisko.
  • Iceland Gardar (FAQs).
  • Bergen: Hexagon.
  • Reading: Archer.
  • CSC in Finland: Sepeli.
  • RC in Boulder: Janus,
  • Nationality issues: PDC, HPCN
    Taxi prices from Stockholm city/Roslagstull AlbaNova to Arlanda, Fixed price.
    Taxikurir             Phone: 08-30 00 00    440 SEK
    Taxi Stockholm        Phone: 08-15 00 00    475 SEK
    Taxi 020              Phone: 020-20 20 20   445 SEK
    TOPCAB                Phone: 08-33 33 33    435 SEK
    Ring Taxi             Phone: 08-732 02 00   440 SEK
    Stockholm Transfer    Phone: 020-35 00 00   395 SEK

  • Link to Wolfgang's Kerberos-ssh.howto tips
  • electronic journals: SU library
    Journal articles on the web: this is covered in help pages at various levels; see, e.g.,
    The current system has been in place since September 2005, replacing IT&Media's web proxy service.
  • for IDL users: IDL usage
    if (! $?IDL_STARTUP) setenv IDL_STARTUP ~/.idlrc
    if (! $?IDL_DIR) setenv IDL_DIR "/usr/local/itt/idl"
    if (! $?IDL_PATH) setenv IDL_PATH "../idl:../../idl:+~/idl:+"$IDL_DIR
    set path=($IDL_DIR/bin $path)

  • Printing astro-ph papers in booklet format
    set path=(/home/brandenb/bin $path); rehash
    astro-ph 0212223 | ps2book -Pnorcp1
    If the paper is not very recent, the server needs first to generate the ps file. Try therefore repeating the same command again until it works. As a shortcut, you could just use my command
    (which prints on norlp7) or astro-phc (which prints on the old color printer downstairs).
  • To get emails about Nordita computer problems, go to comp-announce. (to prevent you from complaining that you didn't know it!)
  • Running MPI on the Nordita linux cluster
    check out:

  • No fortran90 compiler? Just type (for linux):
    wget -O - | tar xvfz -
    The same for a mac would be
    wget -O - | tar xvfz -
    and then make sure the resulting executable is in your path, e.g.,
    cd ~/bin; ln -s ~/g95-install/bin/i686-pc-linux-gnu-g95 g95

  • When is the next deadline on astro-ph? Page for help, page for journal refs.
  • FAQ
  • CVS for Windows (WinCVS)
    Google for cvs, get WinCVS binary code, → Download Installer, Install Python when asked to (or just ignore).
    Click on the → Admin → Login buttons on the task bar, fill in CVSROOT when asked to, e.g.
    where $USER has to be substituted by a valid cvs user name. You will then be asked for a directory name (you can generate a new name here, e.g. NorditaCVS). After that it asks you for the password. Click on the → Remote → Checkout buttons on the task bar, to get the desired directory.
    To ustall cvs on a mac, see here.
  • Axel's CVS repository
    setenv CVSROOT :pserver:$USER@
    cvs co ap  #(to get the astrophysics directory)
    After you checked in changes, I will need to approve the changes and update the changes. If you run bash (check by saying "echo $SHELL"), say
    export CVSROOT=:pserver:$USER@
    and don't forget the colon here! To set your correct editor, say *one* of the following:
    setenv CVSEDIT vi
    setenv CVSEDIT emacs
    setenv CVSEDIT nano
    If you are sitting on the Nordita network, is not interpreted correctly. If this is a problem, try:
    pc_cvs_chroot :pserver:$ :pserver:$USER@
    If your latex compilation complains about some missing inputs file, try
      export TEXINPUTS=$HOME/tex/inputs
    or, in tcsh, with even more useful stuff,
      setenv TEXINPUTS .::$PENCIL_HOME/doc/texinputs//:$HOME/tex/inputs//:./texinputs:./fig:./figs:./png
    This of course assumes that your $HOME/tex/inputs contains the missing files.
  • CVS/Latex editing practice
    If you are writing papers with somebody else, and especially if those papers are maintained under CVS, you want to minimize changes in the layout connected with the wrapping of lines. Even if you are not using CVS, the other person(s) want to check with the diff command what has been changed, and it is frustrating to find out that nothing has changed in the actual content. So this means one should turn off automatic line wrapping, which seems to be the default on some editors. For the same reason it is advantageous to avoid very long lines (longer than 80 characters). If the other person happened to changed something in the same line, it is then much easier to see what has happened, and how the changes should be merged. It is also good editing practice in LaTeX to start each sentence on a new line. This makes it also easier to rearrange the line of thought in a paper. Of course, this does not change anything in the layout of the compiled LaTeX document.

    Our practice is that we add comments with our initials between the old out-commented piece or line and the new one. If a single change extends over more than one line, we have an end comment line with a dot, e.g., %AB. We would then remove our comments after the other relevant person has read it and agreed with it, or put another comment and/or another change instead.

    List of LaTeX symbols

  • Kernel update
    If you run Ubuntu on virtual box, and you have a kernel update, you need to say
    sudo /media/cdrom0/
    and then reboot again.
  • mpg movies directly on your supercomputer
    /people/disk2/theine/bin/mkmpeg4 -o movie.mpg *.png

    [Axel Brandenburg].

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