Recent papers related to MHD turbulence (2001-2003)

  • Brandenburg, A.: 2001, ``The inverse cascade and nonlinear alpha-effect in simulations of isotropic helical hydromagnetic turbulence,'' Astrophys. J. 550, 824-840 (astro-ph/0006186, ADS)

  • Brandenburg, A., & Dobler, W.: 2001, ``Large scale dynamos with helicity loss through boundaries,'' Astron. Astrophys. 369, 329-338 (astro-ph/0012472, ADS)

  • Brandenburg, A., Bigazzi, A., & Subramanian, K.: 2001, ``The helicity constraint in turbulent dynamos with shear,'' Monthly Notices Roy. Astron. Soc. 325, 685-692 (astro-ph/0011081, ADS)

  • Brandenburg, A., Dobler, W., & Subramanian, K.: 2002, ``Magnetic helicity in stellar dynamos: new numerical experiments,'' Astron. Nachr. 323, 99-122 (astro-ph/0111567, ADS)

  • Brandenburg, A., & Sarson, G. R.: 2002, ``The effect of hyperdiffusivity on turbulent dynamos with helicity,'' Phys. Rev. Lett.88, 055003, 1-4 (astro-ph/0110171, ADS)

  • Blackman, E. G. & Brandenburg, A.: 2002, ``Dynamic nonlinearity in large scale dynamos with shear,'' Astrophys. J. 579, 359-373 (astro-ph/0204497, ADS)

  • Blackman, E. G. & Brandenburg, A.: 2003, ``Doubly helical coronal ejections from dynamos and their role in sustaining the solar cycle,'' Astrophys. J. Lett. 584, L99-L102 (astro-ph/0212010, ADS)

  • Yousef, T. A., Brandenburg, A., & Rüdiger, G.: 2003, ``Turbulent magnetic Prandtl number and magnetic diffusivity quenching from simulations,'' Astron. Astrophys. (submitted) (astro-ph/0302425)

  • Yousef, T. A., & Brandenburg, A.: 2003, ``Relaxation of writhe and twist of a bi-helical magnetic field,'' Astron. Astrophys. (submitted) (astro-ph/0303148)

  • Dobler, W., Haugen, N. E. L., Yousef, T. A., & Brandenburg, A.: 2003, ``The bottleneck effect in three-dimensional turbulence simulations,'' Phys. Rev. E (submitted) (astro-ph/0303324)

  • Haugen, N. E. L., Brandenburg, A., & Dobler, W.: 2003, ``Spectra and structure functions in nonhelical hydromagnetic turbulence,'' Phys. Rev. Lett. (submitted) (astro-ph/0303372)

  • Brandenburg, A., Haugen, N. E. L., & Dobler, W.: 2003, ``MHD simulations of small and large scale dynamos,'' in Turbulence, Waves, and Instabilities in the Solar Plasma, ed. R. von Fay-Siebenbürgen, K. Petrovay, B. Roberts, & M. Aschwanden, Kluwer Acad. Publ., Dordrecht (in press) (astro-ph/0303371)
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