Older versions of similar talks (selection)



Astrobiology, homochirality, and the origin of life (Stockholm 2006) [PowerPoint]

How long can left and right handed life forms coexist?
(Oslo 2005) [PowerPoint]

Homochirality through enantiomeric cross-inhibition
(Turku 2004) [PowerPoint]

Homochirality: models and results
(Copenhagen 2004) [PowerPoint]

Stars & Discs

Shearing box simulations: MRI and forced turbulence
(Wojnowice 2005) [PowerPoint,PDF]

Magnetorotational Instability
(Saariselka 2004) [PowerPoint]

Structured outflows from a dynamo-active disc
(Madrid 2003) [PowerPoint, Ouyed movie avi (935k) or mpg (190k), Outflow movie avi (87M) or mpg (25M)]

SN-driven ISM
(Graeme Sarson, Copenhagen 2002)

Magnetic activity along the main sequence
(Uppsala 2002) [PowerPoint]

Gobal hydromagnetic non-adiabatic disc simulations
(Santa Barbara 2002) [PowerPoint]


Pencil Code (Trieste 2009)

Large scale turbulence with the Pencil Code (Stockholm 2006) [PowerPoint, PDF]

Large scale turbulence with the Pencil Code (Cambridge 2004) [PowerPoint]

The Pencil Code: multi-purpose and multi-user maintained
(Oslo 2003)


Turbulence (MHD and hydro)

Malkus-Proctor → Galloway-Proctor
(Cargese 2010)

The Test-field Method (Kiljava/Helsinki 2009)

Shear and dynamos
(Bern 2006) [PowerPoint]

Overview of Dynamos
(Cracow 2004) [PowerPoint]

Helicity flux and shear
(Cambridge 2004) [PowerPoint]

MHD turbulence is the ISM and discs
(Heidelberg 2004) [PowerPoint]

Helical and nonhelical turbulent dynamos
(Nice 2004) [PowerPoint]

Helical and nonhelical turbulent dynamos
(Laguna Beach 2003, related papers)

How magnetic helicity ejection can speed up large scale dynamos
(Houston 2002)

(Santa Barbara 2002)

Alpha-effect vs inverse cascade
(Paris 2002)

Helicity of solar surface magnetic fields
(Lund 2001)

Solar and astrophysical dynamos
(Manchester 2001)

Early Universe

Inverse magnetic cascade as a paradigm for Early Universe MHD [PowerPoint,PDF]

Convection & Radiation

Simple radiative transfer in decomposed domains
(by Tobi Heinemann Freiburg 2003) [PowerPoint]

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