Schedule for Feb 2013

Advanced Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics

Course Description

→ This is a 7.5hp-course

  • Wed 13 Feb, 10-12
    Hydrodynamic equations, specific entropy, hydrostatic equilibrium

  • Thu 14 Feb, 10-12
    Atmospheric waves (p and g modes)

  • Mon 18 Feb, 10-12
    Helioseismology, Abel's integral equation, Duvall law, internal variation of sound speed

  • Mon 18 Feb, 13-15
    Local helioseismology, solving eigenvalue problems numerically, numerical Fourier transformation, setting up wave problems on the computer

  • Tue 19 Feb, 10-12
    Convection and mixing length theory; dimensional analysis, blast waves; computer exercises: waves and energy conservation

  • Wed 20 Feb, 10-12
    Introduction to Pencil Code, nonlinear sound waves

  • Thu 21 Feb, 10-12
    Thermal instability, stable and unstable fixed points, linear stability analysis, Field criterion

  • Thu 21 Feb, 13-15
    Presentation of results of exercises, discussion of project work

  • Thu 14 Mar, 10-12
    Supersonic flows via a critical point; Parker wind, iterative solution, graphical solution, time-dependent solution with the Pencil Code

  • Thu 14 Mar, 13-15
    Viscous effects on the shocks, viscous heating, effect on conservation equations

  • Thu 21 Feb, 10-12
    Consulation meeting: p-modes in a Cartesian slab model; non-local mixing length theory; magnetic effects in mixing length theory

  • Mon 25 Mar, 10-12
    Magnetic fields, magnetic support and coronal mass ejections; Alfven waves, slow, fast, and magnetorotational instability; Computer exercise: magnetic buoyancy

  • Mon 25 Mar, 13-15
    Magnetic helicity, laminar and turbulent dynamos, computer exercise: dynamo excitation. first-order smoothing, τ approximation, catastrophic quenching Computer exercises: migratory Parker dynamo, phase relation,

  • Tue 26 Mar, 10-12
    Solar differential rotation, Λ effect, near-surface shear layer

  • Thu 28 Mar, 10-12
    Computer exercises: magnetic relaxation, mean-field dynamo models

  • Thu 28 Mar, 13-15
    Aspects of relativistic fluid dynamics and MHD

  • Thu 4 Apr, 10-12
    Thin accretion disc theory

  • Wed 8 May, 15:30-17:00 + BBQ
    Student presentations

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