Nordita School on Integrability
4-12 August 2014
Nordita, Stockholm


Mon, Aug 4
AlbaNova FD5
Tue, Aug 5
AlbaNova FD5
Wed, Aug 6
AlbaNova FD5
Thi, Aug 7
AlbaNova FD5
Fri, Aug 8
AlbaNova FD5
Sat, Aug 9
AlbaNova FD5
Sun, Aug 10
AlbaNova FD5
Mon, Aug 11
AlbaNova FD5
Tue, Aug 12
AlbaNova FD5
10:00-11:00 Osborn I Caux II Osborn IV Drukker I Drukker III Basso II Hartnoll I Vieira IV Henn III
11:00-11:20 Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
11:20-12:20 Osborn II Dorey II Dorey III Drukker II Gromov II Basso III Vieira I Hartnoll II Hartnoll III
12:20-14:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:00-15:00 Caux I Caux III Dorey IV Basso I Gromov III Basso IV Vieira II Henn I Henn IV
15:00-15:10 Break Break Break Break Break Break Break Break Break
15:10-16:10 Dorey I Osborn III Caux IV Gromov I Drukker IV Gromov IV Vieira III Henn II Hartnoll IV

Mon, Aug 4, 9:00-10:00: Registration.

Tue, Aug 5, 18:00: Cheese and wine reception at AlbaNova.

Mon, Aug 11, 18:30: Barbeque in front of the main Nordita building.

Rooms FB52 and FB53 are reserved for after-lecture work and discussions.

Video recordings of all lectures are available online: link to videos.

Lecture titles

Benjamin Basso: Scattering Amplitudes and Integrability
Jean-Sébastien Caux: Integrability in Atomic and Condensed-Matter Physics
Patrick Dorey: Exact S-matrices
Nadav Drukker: Localization and the Partition Function of 3d Gauge Theories
Nikolay Gromov: Thermodynamic Bethe Ansatz and Quantum Spectral Curve
Sean Hartnoll: Condensed-Matter Applications of Holography
Johannes Henn: Modern Methods for Scattering Amplitudes
Hugh Osborn: Conformal Field Theory
Pedro Vieira: Spin Chains, Bethe Ansatz and Correlation Functions
     Mathematica notebooks: Notebook-1