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For her PhD thesis Xinyi Chen is investigating the integrability of quantum field theories as well as the holographic principle.

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Infrared absorption of closely-aligned heterostructures of monolayer and bilayer graphene with hexagonal boron nitride

by M. Mucha-Kruczynski and D. S. L. Abergel

Submitted to Phys. Rev. B

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Stephen Hawking Public Lecture, 24 August 2015

Professor Stephen Hawking will give a public lecture entitled "Quantum Black Holes" on 24 August, 2015, at 7 p.m, at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Center.

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This public lecture is presented in association with the Hawking Radiation Conference, held 24—29 August 2015, at AlbaNova University Center, Stockholm, Sweden.

Chris Pethick Awarded Feenberg Memorial Medal 2015

Professor Christopher Pethick, Nordita Professor in Astrophysics and Condensed-Matter Theory, has been awarded the Feenberg Memorial Medal 2015,

"for pioneering contributions and profound insights into many-body physics across diverse physical systems, ranging from ultracold atoms and quantum liquids to dense nuclear matter in neutron stars and stellar collapse."

The Feenberg Medal is awarded biannually for significant advances in the field of Many-Body Physics.

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