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The research of David Abergel is centered on the theory of electronic properties of two-dimensional materials, and particularly on trying to propose new and exciting applications for these materials.

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Simple and Compact Expressions for Neutrino Oscillation Probabilities in Matter

by Hisakazu Minakata, Stephen J Parke

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Panel Discussion:
Looking to the Stars

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Crosstalks is an academic web talk show where recognized researchers from two of Sweden's top universities, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University (the two host Universities of Nordita), discuss global topics live with viewers worldwide. Crosstalks is an international academic forum where the brightest minds share knowledge and insights on the basis of leading research.

On Wednesday, 30 September, at 16.30 CET, Nordita Director Katie Freese will join Swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang, astrophysicist Ariel Goobar and science fiction writer Kim Stanley Robinson in a discussion on Looking to the Stars — The New Space Age is Coming Up. The event is streamed live from the Crosstalks homepage.

You find more background information about the speakers and other Crosstalks events on their homepage.

Malcolm Perry on Resolution of Information Loss Paradox

Malcolm Perry of Cambridge University, who together with Stephen Hawking and Andrew Strominger is working on a new proposal for resoving the black hole information paradox, presents the background to this proposal in a talk at AlbaNova on 27 August 2015.

Watch video of Hawking's talk on the same subject at the the Hawking Radiation Conference, 24—29 August 2015, hosted by Nordita.

The last day of the conference several of the participants joined in a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" session, answering questions from all over the world about black holes, Hawking radiation, information loss and other quastions about theoretical physics.

Chris Pethick Awarded Feenberg Memorial Medal 2015

Professor Christopher Pethick, Nordita Professor in Astrophysics and Condensed-Matter Theory, has been awarded the Feenberg Memorial Medal 2015,

"for pioneering contributions and profound insights into many-body physics across diverse physical systems, ranging from ultracold atoms and quantum liquids to dense nuclear matter in neutron stars and stellar collapse."

The Feenberg Medal is awarded biannually for significant advances in the field of Many-Body Physics.

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