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Christopher Pethick has contributed to diverse fields of physics, especially the properties of quantum liquids, both normal and superfluid, and the properties of dense matter and neutron stars.

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Gravity at the horizon: on relativistic effects, CMB-LSS correlations and ultra-large scales in Horndeski’s theory

by Janina Renk, Miguel Zumalacarregui, Francesco Montanari

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There is currently no scientific event running at Nordita.

Sweden Solar System is the world's largest model of our solar system. The scale model of Venus, created by artist Peter Varhelyi, will be inaugurated at the House of Science (next to Nordita) on Monday, 9th of May, 2016, at 3 PM, during the transit of Mercury.   Welcome!

Quantum Connections in Sweden

A week of workshops at the frontiers of quantum physics.

8-14 June 2016, at AlbaNova University Center, Stockholm.

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