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Current and Future Trends in Stochastic Thermodynamics

Current and Future Trends in Stochastic Thermodynamics


4—29 Sep 2017

Stochastic thermodynamics is a recently established discipline of statistical physics. It aims to apply and extend thermodynamic principles to the non equilibrium regime. In particular, it provides

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A new approach to the detection of exoplanets

Sahil Agarwal, Fabio Del Sordo, and John Wettlaufer

The detection of Earth-like exoplanets is challenging because several sources of noise hinder from uncovering the imprint of a low-mass planet in observations.

We have implemented a method, called MultiFractal Temporally Weighted Detrended Fluctuation Analysis, to detect planets orbiting a distant star. This makes no use of any fitting procedure to filter out the noise, but instead characterizes it by looking at the fluctuations of the data at different wavelengths. In particular, this approach allows to measure the time scales over which stellar noise operates, thus opening a new door to interpret the data that will come from the next generation of spectrographs.

Original paper: Exoplanetary Detection by Multifractal Spectral Analysis

Seminars Today

Wednesday, 20 September 2017
10:00      122:026
Event Talk Thermodynamics of Work in Quantum Systems
Tapio Ala-Nissilä 
13:00      11:028
Chiral Magnetic Effect
Igor Rogachevskii  (Ben-Gurion U. and Nordita)
14:00      122:026
Event Talk Generic properties of stochastic entropy production
Simone Pigolotti 

Upcoming Seminars

Monday, 25 September 2017
10:00      122:026
Event Talk Linear and non-linear thermodynamics of a kinetic heat engine with fast transformations
Angelo Vulpiani 
13:15      Nordita East Seminar Room (132:028)
Generalized global symmetries and holography
Nabil Iqbal  (Durham U.)
14:00      122:026
Event Talk A protocol for reaching equilibrium arbitrary fast
Sergio Ciliberto 
Tuesday, 26 September 2017
10:00      122:026
Event Talk The thermodynamic uncertainty relation
Udo Seifert 
13:15      Seminar Room FA32 (AlbaNova Main Building)
Observation of coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering by COHERENT
Kate Scholberg  (Duke)

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