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Nordita will appoint a new director to start 1 January 2018. Please contact the chairman of the board at Nordita Stellan Östlund for further information.

There is no deadline, but an informal deadline for initial suggestions is 1 February 2017

Announcement (PDF File)
Deadline: 1 February 2017
Postdoctoral Position in Soft Condensed Matter Physics

Nordita, the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics, is pleased to announce a two-year post doc position in Soft Condensed Matter Physics.

The position centers on conducting a strong research program, and interacting with colleagues and visitors at Nordita and elsewhere in the Nordic countries.

Successful candidates will have demonstrated theoretical expertise in soft condensed matter physics, including asymptotic methods in PDEs, and non-equilibrum statistical mechanics, non-linear stochastic differential equations, effective medium theory in composite materials and surface physics.

The appointment is for two years, starting in Spring, 2017, or some other date to be agreed upon.

The deadline for applications is 25 January, 2017.

Applications for the position should be submitted online at Applications should contain a curriculum vitae, including a list of publications, and a statement of research interests including future research plans not to exceed two pages. Additionally, candidates must arrange for at least three letters of recommendation to be submitted to the recruitment system.

For further details on the project please contact John Wettlaufer, e-mail:

Announcement (PDF File)
Apply online:
Deadline: 25 January 2017

A note on our naming conventions for postdoctoral positions

We have two types of postdoc positions at Nordita.

The first kind, "Nordita fellows positions", are announced once a year with a deadline in November-December and start date the following autumn. Nordita fellows can pursue their research quite independently of our existing research groups, even though of course there is a lot of collaboration. There are typically 5-6 positions per year, all for two years.

Then we have "postdoc positions" announced within a particular project, typically connected with a grant. These postdocs are hired to work on that particular subject together with the other researchers in the corresponding group. The number of announced positions of this type is irregular, and depends on the ability of our senior staff to secure grants. The duration is typically two years but can vary, and start dates may also vary.

3 Jan 2017

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