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Nordita Visiting PhD Student Fellowships Fall 2017

The visiting PhD student program at Nordita is open for applications for visits during the Fall of 2017. The program, which is intended for PhD students in the Nordic and Baltic countries, offers selected students the opportunity to spend time at Nordita and take advantage of the research environment and ongoing scientific activities at the institute and the AlbaNova University Center in Stockholm. This can, in particular, include collaboration on research projects with Nordita academic staff and participation in Nordita Scientific Programs in areas of interest for the students. Visiting PhD fellows may also be interested in taking PhD-level courses offered at Stockholm area universities.

A visiting PhD Fellowship will be awarded for a period of one to three months, providing accommodation and travel to and from Stockholm, but no salary or per diem. Applicants must be registered PhD students in theoretical physics or a related subject at a university in the Nordic or Baltic countries at the time of the fellowship visit to Nordita.

To work at Nordita as a visiting PhD fellow you need to select a Nordita faculty member as a host. Please contact your host before you submit your application and discuss your application with your host. This would increase the chance of an application becoming successful.

Starting dates at Nordita are flexible.

Applications for the fellowship program can be submitted at Please note that only on-line applications will be considered.

Applications for Fall of 2017 should be received by 20 May, 2017. If you have any question, or need help in selecting a host, please contact the coordinator of the program, Dhrubaditya Mitra (

Announcement (PDF File)
» Applications should be entered in the Stockholm University Recruitment System. Press the button "Ansök" or "Apply" at the end of the position information page to log in to the recruitment system.
Deadline: 20 May 2017
PhD student in Membranes and Flows

Nordita, the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics, is pleased to announce an opening for a PhD student, starting from August/September 2017, to work on the problem of soft deformable objects in low-Reynolds number flows. We are looking for someone with a good background in statistical physics or fluid mechanics. A good knowledge of numerical techniques and differential geometry on manifolds is desirable, but not necessary. The project is led by Ass. Prof. Dhrubaditya Mitra at Nordita.

Graduate students at Nordita are formally registered at Stockholm University and will have to successfully complete coursework. The position is fully supported by a grant from the Swedish Research Council.

The aim of this project is to study interaction between deformable membranes and fluid in low-Reynolds number flows using numerical and analytical tools. A particular application is to study capsules in microfluidic flows, which are flows within a network of very narrow channel (of the order of nano-liter by volume). A deformable capsule in microfluidic channels (almost the same dimension as the capsule) can follow a complex trajectories and show a variety of deformed shapes. It may be possible to design a microfluidic device that can both sort the capsules by their deformability and size and also measure their elastic properties. We had earlier suggested such a device. One aim of this project is to actually realize such a device using theory, computer simulations, and experiments (performed by a groups in France). This is the first step towards developing a microfluidic device that may be able to sort biological cells, which is one of the central problems in biotechnology. Furthermore, by studying the inverse problem for the capsules, we may be able to develop a device to measure the elastic properties of large number of capsules.

The deadline for applications is 2 May, 2017.

Application: Please visit for further details about the position and to apply.

Further information can be given by Assistant Professor Dhrubaditya Mitra, Nordita;   E-mail:

Announcement (PDF File)
Application and Information
» Applications should be entered in the Stockholm University Recruitment System. Press the button "Ansök" or "Apply" at the end of the position information page to log in to the recruitment system.
Deadline: 2 May 2017

A note on our naming conventions for postdoctoral positions

We have two types of postdoc positions at Nordita.

The first kind, "Nordita fellows positions", are announced once a year with a deadline in November-December and start date the following autumn. Nordita fellows can pursue their research quite independently of our existing research groups, even though of course there is a lot of collaboration. There are typically 5-6 positions per year, all for two years.

Then we have "postdoc positions" announced within a particular project, typically connected with a grant. These postdocs are hired to work on that particular subject together with the other researchers in the corresponding group. The number of announced positions of this type is irregular, and depends on the ability of our senior staff to secure grants. The duration is typically two years but can vary, and start dates may also vary.

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