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Nordita Visiting PhD Student Fellowships

The visiting PhD student program at Nordita is open for applications. The program, which is intended for PhD students in the Nordic and Baltic countries, offers selected students the opportunity to spend time at Nordita and take advantage of the research environment and ongoing scientific activities at the institute and the AlbaNova University Center in Stockholm. This can, in particular, include collaboration on research projects with Nordita academic staff and participation in Nordita Scientific Programs in areas of interest for the students. Visiting PhD fellows may also be interested in taking PhD-level courses offered at Stockholm area universities.

A visiting PhD Fellowship will be awarded for a period of one to three months, providing accommodation and travel to and from Stockholm, but no salary or per diem. Applicants must be registered PhD students in theoretical physics or a related subject at a university in the Nordic or Baltic countries at the time of the fellowship visit to Nordita.

To work at Nordita as a visiting PhD fellow you need to select a Nordita faculty member as a host. Please contact your host before you submit your application and discuss your application with your host. This would increase the chance of an application becoming successful.

Starting dates at Nordita are flexible.

Apply for the fellowship program by sending an e-mail to, with the following information:

  • your name and e-mail
  • home institute
  • start date and title (or subject) of your thesis
  • name and e-mail of your thesis advisor
  • name, institute and e-mail of one referee (if other than the thesis advisor)
  • name of Nordita host
  • CV
  • short research plan (no more than one page)

Ask the referee to send one letter of recommendation to the same e-mail address.

Applications can be submitted at any time in the year. They will be evaluated twice a year, with a deadline for applications in each round of evaluations on 15 June and 1 December.

If you have any questions, or need help in selecting a Nordita host, please contact the coordinators of the program at

Deadline: Apply anytime; evaluations 15 June and 1 December.

Nordita, Nordiska institutet för teoretisk fysik, söker en assistent/administratör som kan bistå med att sammanställa vetenskapliga och finansiella rapporter till nationella och internationella finansieringsorgan. Kommunikation med externa partner och hantering av besökare är andra arbetsuppgifter som ingår i anställningen.

Kvalifikationer: Du ska tala och skriva utmärkt engelska, då arbetet innebär daglig kontakt och interaktion med andra människor i en väldigt internationell och dynamisk miljö. Då tempot ofta är högt är det av yttersta vikt att du har förmåga att arbeta med flera arbetsuppgifter samtidigt under tidspress. För att utföra arbetsuppgifterna på bästa sätt behöver du också vara en person som utmanas av att lösa problem och som drivs av att ta egna initiativ till förbättringar och kvalitetssäkring.

En akademisk examen (motsvarande bachelor eller högre) är ett krav, och det är meriterande om du har en bakgrund inom fysik.

Att du behärskar Microsoft Office (Word och Excel) är ett krav. Det är meriterande om du även kan LaTeX.

Anställningsvillkor: Anställningen avser heltid och är tidsbegränsad till två år. Stockholms universitet tillämpar individuell lönesättning. Tillträde i augusti 2019.

Stockholms universitet strävar efter att vara en arbetsplats som är fri från diskriminering och ger lika möjligheter för alla.

Kontakt: Närmare information om anställningen lämnas av administrativ chef, Yadira Rojas, tfn 08-553 788 82,

Ansökan: Du söker anställningen via Stockholms universitets rekryteringssystem genom att klicka på knappen "Ansök". Du som sökande ansvarar för att ansökan är komplett i enlighet med annonsen och att den är universitetet tillhanda senast sista ansökningsdag.

Bifoga endast personligt brev och CV. Kopior på betyg och intyg tar du med vid en eventuell intervju.

Anvisningar för sökande finns på webbsidan anvisningar – sökande.

Application and Information
» Applications should be entered in the Stockholm University Recruitment System. Press the button "Ansök" or "Apply" at the end of the position information page to log in to the recruitment system.
Deadline: 31 July 2019
Postdoctoral Positions in Theoretical Soft Condensed Matter Physics and Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics [application will open shortly]  

Nordita, the Nordic Insitute for Theoretical Physics, invites applications for two postdoctoral fellows in Theoretical Soft Condensed Matter Physics and Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics.

Project description
Successful candidates will be interested in taking theoretical skills in applied mathematics and nonlinear processes into soft matter theory, including the effective medium behavior of soft composites and/or active matter. The positions include conducting a strong research program, and interacting with colleagues and visitors at Nordita, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University and elsewhere in the Nordic countries.

Qualification requirements
Postdoctoral positions are appointed primarily for purposes of research. Applicants are expected to hold a Swedish doctoral degree or an equivalent degree from another country.

Assessment criteria
The degree should have been completed no more than three years before the deadline for applications. An older degree may be acceptable under special circumstances, which may involve sick leave, parental leave, clinical attachment, elected positions in trade unions, or similar.

For position one, specific topics include but are not limited to: Numerical and analytical studies of Fokker-Planck equations, Casimir interactions, fluctuation theory in classical systems, hydrodynamic theory, Brownian Motion, field theory methods, non-linear stochastic differential equations. The ideal candidate will have a skillset at the interface between applied mathematics and theoretical physics and exposure to and interest in a wide range of systems in the natural sciences.

For position two, specific topics include but are not limited to: transport properties in driven systems, thermodynamic description of active matter, working principles and performance of microscopic "heat engines" under the influence of thermal noise, connection between irreversibility and dissipation, response behavior of non-equilibrium systems, application of machine learning techniques to infer properties of non-equilibrium systems.

Candidates must specify which position they are applying to. In their covering letter, applicants must provide a rationale for why their background is suitable.

Terms of employment
The position involves full-time employment for two years, starting in the fall of 2019 or as per mutual agreement.

Stockholm University strives to be a workplace free from discrimination and with equal opportunities for all.

Further information about the position can be obtained from Professor John Wettlaufer, Nordita,

Union representatives
Ingrid Lander (Saco-S), telephone: +46 708 16 26 64,, Lisbeth Häggberg (Fackförbundet ST and Lärarförbundet), telephone: +46 8 16 20 00 (operator), and (SEKO).

Application. Only online applications will be accepted. The application form will be available shortly at It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application is complete in accordance with the instructions in the job advertisement, and that it is submitted before the deadline.

The deadline for applications is 9 August, 2019.

Applications should include a curriculum vitae, a list of publications, and a statement of research interests including future research plans. Further requirements can be found on the application page.

Additionally, candidates should arrange for three recommendation letters to be sent to via e-mail to: and state in the subject line "SU FV-2520-19" + name of the applicant.

Announcement (PDF File)
Application and Information
» Applications should be entered in the Stockholm University Recruitment System. Press the button "Ansök" or "Apply" at the end of the position information page to log in to the recruitment system.
Deadline: 9 August 2019

A note on our naming conventions for Nordita postdoctoral positions

We have two types of postdoc positions at Nordita.

The first kind, "Nordita fellows positions", are announced once a year with a deadline in November-December and start date the following autumn. Nordita fellows can pursue their research quite independently of our existing research groups, even though of course there is a lot of collaboration. There are typically 5-6 positions per year, all for two years.

Then we have "Nordita postdoc positions" announced within a particular project, typically connected with a grant. These postdocs are hired to work on that particular subject together with the other researchers in the corresponding group. The number of announced positions of this type is irregular, and depends on the ability of our senior staff to secure grants. The duration is typically two years but can vary, and start dates may also vary.

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