Axel Brandenburg

Offices:APS Dept (JILA, A604)
3665 Discovery Dr (SPSC-N216)
[Roslagstullsbacken 17, 122:007]
LASP:+1 (303) 735-7738
cell:+1 (720) 401-7355
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Research projects (w/ run directories)

ASTR/GEOL-2040 (Fall 2017, CU-Boulder)

Boulder Links, solar projects

Quantum Anomalies and Chiral Magnetic Phenomena

Astrophysics(wiki)@Nordita, Stockholm Observatory (staff, vacancies, @AlbaNova)

Test-field Method

Detection of NEMPI in DNS

Pencil Code: Numerical Experiments

Docking Maneuver: easy, medium, hard.

Favorite links, RAFLAM

Full CV, Directions, Photo gallery

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